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There is a scene in Sneakers where the characters are rummaging through a man’s trash. They are trying to get a sense of what kind of woman they could set him up with in order to get the information they needed from him. His garbage revealed how anal he was. He had the neatest trash, according to Dan Aykroyd’s character. His toothpaste tube was neatly folded. The boxes were collapsed tidily.

The scene has stuck in my mind for years. Not only that movie but the idea that waste baskets are a time capsule of someone’s life. Whatever is on top was thrown out last. The bottom refuse landed there first. I don’t know why that bothers me but it always has. I’m crazy with a side of recreational paranoia.

I have sometimes buried my garbage just so it’s not on top. In my mind people look in the garbage can and judge me for its contents. When I shred documents, whether by a shredding machine or by hand, I will split up the remains among several trash cans. Although I now use recycling bins for paper. But if I were to cut up say a credit card, you can guess it will be scattered in many different receptacles. My reasoning is that I don’t want anyone to be able to put the pieces back together so easily. They would have to dig through the landfill to find all the pieces to begin with. I know. I’m weird.

There is no point to this story other than the fact that I haven’t blogged in a while. Somehow I’m either uninspired, stumped, depressed, or simply don’t think it would be appropriate to share a specific piece of my life online. I have a doozy of a story that happened today but only interested family will be privy to that information! It’s not an online kind of story.

The longer I don’t write the more I worry about what’s on top. Blogs are set up like a trash can. The latest contribution sits on top. It’s a major spoiler alert when I’m behind on someone’s blog. I read the outcome of some crazy experience but the situation was so unexpected I have to dig through posts to find the beginning.

So what’s on top of my blog? How long has it sat there? Why can I not think of anything better to bury it under? Sometimes I will post something very personal and immediately cover it up with something mundane. Obviously people who get emails of my new posts will see it all but I can’t have something personal sitting on top of the heap. I just can’t.

This post is not my best writing nor is it the most interesting story. But it’s a TMI post I am willing to have sit on top until something better comes along. Fingers crossed that something noteworthy happens tomorrow! I want to write. I just haven’t found anything to write about lately.