This is our homework zone. We call it the homework station. It’s in the hallway upstairs and nobody uses it. Not for homework anyway. You can plainly see that it is definitely used.

The table to the left is the table we got from Heath’s parents when we visited this summer. It’s an art table that can be tipped up to make an easel worthy of painting. I particularly love the tray underneath. It holds the tin buckets I bought before the trip perfectly. There is a bucket for pencils, one for crayons and colored pencils, and one for glue and scissors. Heath asked me if I needed more. No, I just need three. I do everything in odd numbers and since I couldn’t think of five uses I had to squish everything into three buckets.

Gwen uses the table for all of her art projects. She also plays at the table and never really cleans the table up. The indented groove at the bottom of the table top is full of pencils and crayons all in a straight line. The crate full of construction paper always looks like a bomb went off. There are still fabric scraps from a particularly creative day when she made Barbie dresses.

The other desk used to be Gavin’s desk. At least he always used the desk closest to the master bedroom. The homework laptop still sits on the desk and is plugged in there. Gavin has his own laptop he takes to and from school so the homework laptop is now for Parker. Parker walks it all over the house capturing video of himself and his siblings. Heath didn’t seem thrilled with that idea. I pointed out that it was no more a waste of time than when we were kids and made audio recordings of our voices on cassette tapes. It is cute to hear their voices play back. As far as using this well designed extra wide hallway for a homework station, it doesn’t happen.


When we put the art table into the hallway there wasn’t enough room for it with three desks. So we moved two into the boys room. They can use the desks to build Lego creations or as homework desks. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I have learned to cope with the clutter by never going into the kids bedrooms. I have even started asking them to gather their own laundry and put it away so I don’t get really mad once a week. So far so good.


The family room floor has become Parker’s choice for homework. This boy has never worked in a consistent location. The only consistency is that he works where I am. Since I haven’t had much need to be upstairs in the afternoon since school started, he plops down on the floor and digs in.


Gwen has claimed the kitchen table as her spot.


Parker really wanted to photo bomb. He’s so proud of himself! You can see how yucky Gwen was feeling this afternoon. That’s a whole other story that I will tell later.


Gavin has tried a couple different spots since school started, finally settling on my living room table. I wanted the art table to keep kids from coloring and drawing on my table. They still do art on my table. That table has been hand distressed by my children and I’m not happy about it. I’m also not thrilled that Gavin’s birthday Legos are still being displayed on my living room table.

We have a shelf but we haven’t had a chance to put it up yet. The last two weekends have been filled with taking down our pool. Apparently it’s a long process to drain the pool onto our dead grass from the zone we’ve had off all summer. The pool is sunning itself to dry out completely before we box it up until next year. Meanwhile the shelf sits on the counter between the kids CPU and the wall.

I want Gavin to be able to do his homework in the kitchen where the kids computer is. The problem with that idea is that’s where the kids computer is. At least when we get the shelf up Gavin can store his textbooks on it freeing up more counter space for him to work. There will be enough shelf space for his Legos which will make my living room look like an adult space again.

The biggest reason why I want Gavin in the kitchen is because that’s where I want his laptop plugged in every night. Otherwise I’m afraid it will be forgotten in the morning. Out of sight out of mind. Being in the laptop program requires a laptop. Every day.

I just sigh when I think of how my good ideas are not being used. I sigh when I see the messy bedrooms that I can’t walk in. Telling the kids that they may die in an emergency because they can’t navigate their room fast enough doesn’t seem to help. They’re kids and I’m tired of nagging. I still want the hallway tidied up just because I can see it. That doesn’t happen very often. The creativity does. I’m trying to pick my battles.

Even though my kids don’t care to use my designated homework spaces at least they do their homework. And I’m a little flattered that they choose to do their homework as close to me as possible. Even if it means working on the floor.