Gwen: The mom and dad are divorse.
Me: Why?
Gwen: Because the muhver doesn’t have any hair!
When I told Heath about the unfortunately divorced Lego family I said I would try to keep my hair so he stays married to me. He assured me he only likes me for my hair! We were kidding.

Parker: You’re trespassing in a construction zone.
He was building with the marble run.

Gwen: We are from Utah!
Parker: I thought you were going to Utah.
Gwen: We’re not. We’re going to the mall.

Gwen: Parents are lucky. They get to talk to strangers and tell their kids to not!

Gwen: Are we there yet? I need a shower.
Candi: Ha ha … that’s funny. How dirty can you get riding in a car when you’re 6?

Parker in the shower: Ah that feels so good!
Water turns off.
Parker: Oops! Forgot a part!
Water turns back on.

Some of these aren’t as funny as the need for me to remember the moment. It’s been a busy couple of days and I haven’t been very inspired to write about anything.