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Gwen’s office is a tri-fold poster that sits on her desk. It’s a way for the students to focus on their work and not be distracted by others. I think it turned out really cute.


This is her Unique of the Week poster. After spending so much time tracing the letters and coloring the letters in her name I still secretly wonder if I misspelled Louise! You know how you can look at something so long it no longer looks right? That’s what happened.

This poster is a combination of required criteria and Say Whats. Her favorite place is Hawaii even though she has never been there. I quoted her directly for who she admires most. “I admire my mom. (Days later we convinced her to add to the list.) And my dad … and my boys … and that’s it!” Then there is this gem, “My wish or dream is to hug a unicorn!” That girl. She’s crazy.


This is a special dress I made with Heath’s encouragement. What happened was I bought the t-shirt when Gwen insisted she couldn’t live without it. I didn’t know there were more Disney choices for a better price at JC Penney. The problem was that the BFF shirt did not come in Gwen’s size. Too little or too big were my choices. I bought too big and very much regretted it. Heath suggested I add ruffles to the bottom and turn it into a dress. His brilliant suggestion turned into this cute dress.


Then there is this shirt. I bought the fabric months ago to make a new skirt. When I finally got around to it I realized I didn’t have enough fabric to get the length she needs. I had visions of making a cute Bohemian top with half a dress pattern. The dress pattern is getting too small for Gwen but I figured a shirt would work out nicely. Gwen was so excited about it.


Until she moved and then I got depressed. What I had spent so much time lovingly making didn’t fit. It would be perfect on a shorter and plumper little girl. The shirt is too wide. I should have made the ties after all. And as you can see it is definitely too short. She doesn’t even have to raise her hands much at all before I can see a tummy begging to be tickled. *sigh* Into the donate pile it goes.

Yep, I still got it. My creative skills are unmatched. Sort of.