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Can you feel it? That tingling in the air? The distant roar of fans? The smell of grass and sweat? It’s football season baby!

I love football season. If I have to send my kids back to school at least it means football season starts. I love carefully selecting my spirit wear each week. I love screaming at the TV with Heath. I love the pizza on game days. Which is a little weird since I hate pizza! But I love the tradition. I love football.

The first BYU game was really fun to watch. It’s always fun to win but I’m impressed that after struggling most of the game, UConn didn’t go down without a fight. Good effort boys! May you have a successful season. And of course props to my BYU boys. I have enjoyed watching your games since 2001. Keep up the good work. I love being a BYU fan. I love football!

Heath has been binging on football games nearly every night eagerly anticipating BYU’s first game. I never think I’m interested in watching anything but BYU’s games. Somehow I get sucked into a lot of the games. I cheer for whoever has the ball. I get exasperated with the refs and yell out my warnings to the boys to calm down. I love football season. Go Cougars!