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Our Independence Day was pretty fun. We spent some time in the pool. Heath says his ear hurts now. He spent the entire time swimming around shark style with his snorkeling set. I hope he doesn’t have swimmer’s ear because I am so sick of antibiotics!

The plans were to grill up a holiday feast. When Heath went out to start the grill he realized he was out of gas. So he cooked the tri tip in the oven and used the stovetop to boil the corn on the cob. In the morning Gwen and I made Jell-O with fruit. It was a tasty meal in spite of the spilled milk that was mostly my fault.

Earlier in the week we had a playdate with some friends. Abigail told us they were planning on parking in the church parking lot to watch fireworks from the county fair. She invited us to come. It sounded fun. That day she called to say the firework show would start at 9:45 and she understood if it was too late for us. I gave her an ambivalent maybe.

After swimming I decided I didn’t want to think of going anywhere else. After mopping up spilled milk before dinner even really started I definitely didn’t want to go anywhere! The kids only expect to do Pop-Its in our driveway. That means 4th of July celebrations for them.

When the sun set we went outside to do our driveway festivities. The kids kept handing me their used firecrackers so I could smell the used gunpowder. That’s my favorite smell! The firecrackers were simple cardboard shapes with a string to pull. They would pop and paper streamers would come out. And they smelled lovely.

As much as I didn’t want to go anywhere I started to change my mind. I asked the kids if they wanted to go see big fireworks. Two immediately said no. When we explained that it would be like seeing the fireworks at Disneyland two readily agreed while Parker maintained his no status. He had no reason for not wanting to go so we loaded everyone up. I think he’s too much like his mother and just doesn’t like doing things with a lot of strangers when he doesn’t know what to expect.

Apparently the trees in the church parking lot block too much of the view so we had to walk almost to the next intersection to watch from the street. The sidewalks were full of people. We found our friends and squished in. The kids were able to sit on the grass on a blanket. The sprinklers had been coming on all along that strip of grass. Everyone freaked out when Heath told the kids to put a blanket on the grass. Then people were impressed when they found out our blankets have plastic on one side and are meant for such conditions.

We didn’t have to wait too long before the show started. It was really fun watching the fireworks with so many people. Maybe not fun enough to make it an annual tradition. But definitely worth our while to have gone last night.

It reminded me of when I was a kid on the 4th of July. We would have breakfast at Magna Park. The Lions Club made a big pancake breakfast every year for the entire community. Then we would find a spot to watch the parade. After the parade we would either play at the park for a while or sometimes we would walk along Main Street. Then we went home to kill time until it was dark enough for fireworks. That was always my least favorite part of the holiday.

Some years we had our own firework show in our driveway. Sparklers and ground flowers and things like that. That was fun even though I hated sparklers. I was always afraid of the crackling sparks and was secretly relieved when we finally ran out of sparklers. They did smell good though.

If we didn’t stay home we would go back to the park to watch the big show there. We would find a spot of grass in between all the other families to lay down a blanket. We would lie there watching the show that went on almost straight above our heads. That’s what I thought of last night as we watched fireworks explode just above the horizon across the street from where we sat.

Abigail said that when she was a kid her family would climb out a window and watch the Fair’s fireworks from the roof. Then the trees got too big so now her family does what we did last night. Heath said that one year his family went to Stadium of Fire in Provo. I always heard it advertised but had never been. Maybe we’ll time our trip to Utah next year so we can go to the Stadium of Fire. That could be really fun.

We got home after 10:30 last night. The kids fell asleep really fast! They didn’t sleep until noon like I expected but we all slept in, which was nice. We’ve been enjoying Gavin’s happy birthday all day.