In God We Trust

This country was founded on religious freedoms. There is a lot of religious controversy right now. Too many people are trying to change the laws of morality by saying there is no God and He wouldn’t care anyway. I believe this nation’s founding fathers were divinely inspired. I believe God cares about the affairs of this nation.

While everyone has the right to worship how they choose, too many politicians have ignored the laws that govern the land. They have ignored the voice of the people as they change those laws to meet their own personal agenda. I believe that we have lost sight of who we are as a country in the name of tolerance.

I believe in God. I live my life according to that faith. That’s the wonderful part of being a United States citizen. I am so grateful for the blessings I enjoy here, particularly the blessing of worshipping God. On this fourth of July, I am grateful for the tremendous efforts others made to make this nation free. I am grateful to the men and women who fight so hard for freedom today.

The less we trust in God the less God entrusts to us.