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For all my “You’re fine! Shake it off!” parenting when one of my kids is sick, we ended up at the doctor’s office after all. I should know that if Parker is involved I should assume the worst. He is my son. I was always the one with all the medical issues as a kid. So is Parker. Two peas in a pod for sure.

Parker was fine all the way until about 3:00 this afternoon. Then he complained that he was cold and wrapped up in a blanket. He said his head hurt and he was dizzy. I checked his temperature. It was 102. That’s not fine. So I had to get on the phone.

Only our phones weren’t working. There was a busy signal. The TV stopped working too and the internet was down. Heath confirmed that there was an outage in our area for all three services. Awesome. At least I had a cell phone. By the time the appointment was made everything started working again. That was nice.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics. She left it up to me whether or not I wanted to pick it up today or leave it on file. She said if his hand showed signs of infection then we should use the antibiotics. As the meeting went on she changed her mind. We’re coming up on a holiday weekend which could limit my ability to pick up the prescription. Also we’re going out of town soon. If we just do the antibiotics now then the timing will all work out.

Parker is pretty bummed. It feels like he just finished a round of antibiotics for swimmer’s ear! We both hate remembering to take the medicine. It always takes ten days which gets really annoying after a while. Oral antibiotics aren’t as bad as the ear drops he had for swimmer’s ear. At least that.

Well, here we go again I guess. The doctor did say he can take antibiotics plus Benadryl plus Ibuprofen as needed. I figure if I pump that kid full of meds he should be back to normal in no time! He was very mellow today. It’s the mellow days that I realize I should be grateful when my kids are bouncing off the walls. That’s normal. Lying on the couch all day looking pale and pathetic is not.

Funny story about where my parenting comes from. My parents were the same way obviously. We needed to be bleeding or dying before anyone was concerned. My brother and I were recently reminiscing about this very thing.

I fell off my bike when I was about 7 years old. Gracefully fell on my face eating asphalt. I got up crying my eyes out. My brother was trying to see how bad the damage was. For some reason I kept turning around and around. Anyway, he grabbed me by the shoulders and looked at my bloody face. “Oh. Go show Mom.”

She had to take me to the hospital to get stitches. She was so embarrassed by my crying that she wore her sunglasses inside! She worked in the X-Ray department just down the hall from where we were and didn’t want to be recognized. As Tyson and I were retelling this story, my mom remembered her side of it. She said I was crying a lot. I asked, “Have you ever had stitches in your lip? It hurts!” Maybe you had to be there. That was a fun night of reminiscing.

That’s how I was raised. Nothing was a big deal until it was proven to be. We were tough as nails. That’s how I raise my kids now. They’re good kids. I just wish Parker didn’t have to be just like me. My Murphy’s Law kid. Poor guy. He should be fine soon though.