Parker was stung by a bee yesterday afternoon. For some reason the bees are very attracted to our pool. We don’t like having bees buzz around our heads. We try to encourage them to leave but they insist on staying. Parker said that the bee was in the water so he was trying to scoop it out. He thought it was dead on the ground. But no, the bee had vengeance on his mind and came back to sting Parker in the hand between his thumb and forefinger.

I pulled the stinger out with tweezers per Heath’s suggestion. Then I gave Parker an ice pack. He didn’t really use it for long and we didn’t insist he use it after dinner. We did give him Ibuprofen. This morning he was not feeling well. He said his hand hurt and the pain was all the way up his arm. He also claimed he was nauseated.

His hand was red and swollen but there was no sign of infection. The swelling was localized around the spot of the sting. It hadn’t grown beyond what would seem normal for the situation. But he was so upset. I gave him more Ibuprofen and told him to eat his dry toast. That was all he wanted for breakfast.

I went online to find the number for the advice nurse and decided to check the symptom tracker to see if he even needed an appointment. It told me I better have him seen soon or the symptoms could get worse. But I kind of got the feeling it wasn’t that big a deal. I have done the symptom tracker thing before. It pretty much always ends up in a scary warning like that. So I call the nurse to make the appointment and can get it all taken care of over the phone. Maybe I’m a bad mom but I didn’t think this was a serious problem.

The questions online are pretty general with general answers. There was no way of saying the answer is yes but …
It was all very black and white for what I feel is a pretty gray issue. I read in several places that redness, pain, and swelling around the site are normal anywhere between a few hours after the incident up to three weeks later. That and the fact that he said his pain level was a 5 made me think he just needed to take it easy today.

The site suggested Benadryl but then a few lines down it said that I better have a doctor’s permission first. He’s had Benadryl before with no problems. Other suggestions included hydrocortisone cream, soaking it in Epsom salt, applying witch hazel (whatever that is!), and my favorite – applying deodorant to the site.

How many of these home remedies should I try? I chose to only give him the Benadryl for now. The Ibuprofen has knocked down his pain level and he has perked up the longer he has been up. I kind of wish I hadn’t woken the boys up this morning. They have been sleeping in really late every morning. I got them up around 8:30 so we could get ready to meet our friends at the park. Given all that happened as soon as I woke up Parker, we did not go to the park. Nor will we be doing our shopping this afternoon. We’re just going to have a down day.

Parker watched The Bee Movie. The last time he was stung by a bee I let him watch the movie. I guess it’s a tradition now. Hopefully he doesn’t get stung by any more bees though. Twice was enough. Poor guy.