I often go through phases of things to look forward to each day. It’s just one event that sticks out in my mind for each day. It could be whether or not I carpool on a school day or if Heath is working from home. I can tick off the days on my fingers. It’s a quick way to make it to Friday.

This week Friday is coming fast because Heath worked from home today as a result of an early phone meeting, and it’s a holiday weekend. Gavin asked what we’re doing on the 4th of July. I told him it will feel like Saturday but we’re grilling tri tip and probably having potato salad and fun stuff like that. We may go to the church parking lot with some friends to see the fireworks from the fairgrounds. That’s got to be more fun than sitting in the front yard watching the kids throw Pop-Its.

Lately the thing I have been looking forward to the most is dinner. We have tried various menus to get through the week. Most have failed. When they fail we spend more money eating out and ineffectively grocery shopping. We eat whatever is most convenient because we made plans less than an hour beforehand.


This is our new menu board. It’s a magnetic dry erase board we picked up from Hobby Lobby. I cut out the word menu from my Cricut. The kids like to point out that the last two letters look the same. I agree. It is a strange font. I still need to cut out the initials for the days of the week.

Every weekend we plan our menu for the following week. It makes grocery shopping easier. Sometimes we still make multiple trips to the store because we don’t want our lettuce or green onions sitting around too long before we are ready to use it. But it sure cuts down on Heath or me running to the store for last minute items. There were so many days I did that after picking Gwen up from kindergarten. Those trips meant buying her Lunchables!

We also plan our restaurant meals. This week we will be going out twice. Thursday we’re taking the kids out to Round Table to redeem their free personal pizza coupons from the Summer Reading Program. Saturday is Gavin’s happy birthday and he requested 5 Guys. I hope those guys are tender! Tough, old burgers aren’t tasty! I’m kidding. 5 Guys is a burger place that’s a little expensive but really good.

Every afternoon I get so excited about dinner. Even the days I have to cook! I eagerly anticipate eating each day’s meal. The kids get it planned out in their minds too. Occasionally plans change last minute for one reason or another. The kids get pretty bummed out about it. Luckily it doesn’t happen too often.

The menu board hangs on the wall by the table. There really isn’t any wall space in our kitchen. One wall is the fridge and pantry. The other wall is appliances with a small square of backsplash. The last wall is windows with a small section of wall next to the sliding glass door. That’s where we hung up our board. So far I like it.