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What do you do when it’s 103 degrees outside? Call up the frog people.


Swim goggles are awesome! Gwen has never worn her goggles for underwater adventures like her boys. While I knew that I’m wondering what on earth she did with them before. Parker is the only one with the full scuba mask type goggles. Gwen wanted to borrow his thinking they would more easily plug her nose. It’s funny how all three have working goggles now, yet they trade (and sometimes steal) goggles all the time. The boys were busy doing their own games under water so Gwen was on her own with her goggles.

She stuck her face in the water for a few seconds and declared “It’s like a whole new world down there!” Her little body was all curled up while she bobbed just under the surface of the water. In her mind she had become a mermaid and finally experienced firsthand the kingdom Ariel grew up in.


I love this picture.


I made sure to keep everyone hydrated. I had so much water and Diet Ocean Spray cranberry raspberry drink that … well, you know … I was definitely not dehydrated. The kids enjoyed the root beer I made them. Thumbs up for Soda Streams!

More than any of the floats we have, Gwen was most excited about floating around in a life jacket. She looked as ridiculous as I must have looked as a child. I remember wearing life jackets at Mt. Spa in Midway. Gwen didn’t want the life jacket for security. She liked how it allowed her to easily float on her back or her tummy. She would let it hold her as she rolled in the water. I loved doing that in lakes. She said she was dancing.

Give me a hot summer day, my sanctuary in the gazebo, and a pool to float in with my frog people and I’m a happy girl. I can still feel myself rocking on the water.