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Going out to eat is not nearly as fun when you can’t talk. Heath was working from home today. I really wanted Mr. Pickles for lunch so he took his best girls out. Before we left I told him he would have to order for me. Not too hard when I get the same thing every time.

The girl looked right at me and asked what I wanted. I had enough voice to ask Heath to just order for me. She probably thought I was weird because it wasn’t that loud in there and she could hear me. But talking dries my throat even more and I cough more. Which hurts by the way!

Gavin was the reason why we went out again for dinner. Last night I made dinner. It was some Velveeta hamburger helper lasagna meal. It wasn’t fabulous but considering it came from a box it was good enough. Gwen and Parker hated it. Gavin had mentioned a few days ago that he doesn’t like lasagna. Tell me I didn’t feel bad when I realized that’s what the hamburger helper was. Gavin is nice enough to keep his opinions to himself and just eat.

Actually he has a tendency to lay on the compliments a little thick and it drives me crazy! The more the other two whine and complain the more Gavin is there to say how much he loves it. Thanks kid but just shut up!

Luckily I made broccoli to go with dinner otherwise Parker would have only drank milk. He refused to touch the lasagna. He claimed he tried it and didn’t like it. We managed to convince Gwen to eat half of hers by promising her one Laffy Taffy afterwards. She had three before we noticed and told her to stop!

At one point Heath said we should go out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We should get it to go and make Gwen and Parker eat their lasagna instead! This was before we got Gwen to eat. Parker was mad but claimed he didn’t care. He stormed off.

After picking up Gavin from Chess late this afternoon he said, “Yay! OTB for dinner!” Heath and I looked at each other like oh yeah! We didn’t really have any plans for dinner and it sounded good. Plus it’s Friday in a payday week so why not? Off we went.

Our waiter came and asked for drink orders. Heath said, “I will have a Diet Coke.” I made a what the heck gesture and strained out, “Order for me please!” Being all sorts of Heath he told the waiter, “My wife is losing her voice. It’s a husband’s dream really!” Laughter all around while I squeaked out, “Stop!” with a playful jab. Then he ordered my Diet Coke.

Half of my dinner order came from Heath while the other half came from me. We were given the rare privilege of being seated in the back corner of the party room. While the room was not empty it was significantly quieter than the regular dining room. Bliss! The check showed the waiter got the order correct but what came out was not. I had black beans instead of refried beans and their nasty greasy Mexican rice with canned corn instead of the lime rice I asked for. As a result I felt like my chimichanga tasted less than wonderful. I dealt with it because I didn’t want to wait for it to be fixed and I couldn’t talk anyway!

Parker was on one tonight. Someone hit his funny button and I could not stop hoarsely laughing. Heath spooned some queso into the bowl of salsa Parker claimed as his own. We didn’t have plates so it was harder to share the queso sauce with the kids. Parker loved it. He would close his eyes like he was a professional wine taster and declared it amazing.

He kept telling Heath to let the front desk know, or the waiter know, or let someone know to tell the cooks that it’s a new dish they should try to make. Heath and I laughed over the irony of a “new” recipe involving putting the cheese with salsa in it back in the salsa they put in the cheese! But Parker thought it was a hit. He kept saying it would keep the kids happy. Kids don’t like spicy things and the cheese helped. Although spicy doesn’t typically slow Parker down. Especially with salsa.

According to Parker this “new” recipe is the best idea ever. So is laryngitis if you are trying to cut back on yelling. Or talking much. I miss my voice!