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Somehow I thought my daughter would be a little older before she had her first kiss. What do you expect from a star? Sometimes fame gets in the head.

She brought him home on Friday. At least she had the decency to have him meet her family. He’s pretty cute. He’s staying with us for the week, which Kiss-in-swingwould seem weird unless you knew that he’s a monkey. Gwen is Star Student this week and gets to have the class monkey as her houseguest for the week.

We call him Kiss even though I don’t think the class ever agreed on a name. Actually Gwen calls him Kissthemonkey. All one word. It’s fitting for him. He has a big lipstick kiss on his cheek. When you squeeze him he makes a loud squeaky kissing sound. It’s really cute.

As you can imagine she was so excited to inform me on Friday that she’s Star Student. I carried the bag of special assignments while she carried Kiss. all-buckled-upShe made sure to buckle him up in the van so he was safe. When we got home she was a whirlwind showing him around the house.

On Thursday she has to take him back to school so he will be ready to go home on Friday with the next Star Student. She also gets to talk about all the fun they had together this week. I’m supposed to take pictures and she writes a story that she will share on Thursday.

Obviously we have had a lot of fun so far. Those two fall into bed exhausted each night from all the playing, coloring, and reading of Curious George books.

As Star Student she brought in an estimation jar today. No jar was provided so we went to Smart and Final and found a clear plastic bucket full of Laffy Taffy. There were 145 pieces. I ripped off the sticker that said so and wrote the number on a Post-It note for the teacher. She told me how sneaky the kids are in trying to find that number! Kindergarteners are funny.

Tomorrow she takes in a book to donate to the class. We got Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Gwen assures me her teacher does not have it. The teacher is just beginning her teaching career and doesn’t have an extensive class library yet. Both boys consider that book a kindergarten classic so we bought it.

Wednesday is her show and tell day. I do like that the teacher gives each kid one opportunity all year to do that. And Thursday is the day she shares her About Me poster and her adventures with Kiss.

Beary Bear was fun for Gavin the first time he came home. We all got a little bored of him when he came home two or three more times that year. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to entertain the monkey. At least I don’t have to worry about my 5 year old daughter hanging out with a guy named Kiss anymore!