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Formatting blog books has made me categorize my life in years. This was the year of … My 2007 blog book is called The Year of Changes. Then Gwen was born in 2008. Our 2009 year was all about overcoming trials. The next year I was at the height of my anxiety and 2011 was the year I learned how to better deal with that anxiety. Off the top of my head I can’t think of how to describe the next two years.

It got me thinking though. With a new year beginning what do I want to focus on? Obviously circumstances may be beyond my control and the year will take on its own topic. But come what may I really wanted my blog posts to reflect more of a focus on blessings. I considered challenging myself to pointing out at least one evidence of God’s hand in my life each time I blogged. Maybe it’s a sign of personal weakness that I didn’t entertain the idea further.

The idea came back to me. The Deseret News had an encouraging article about the new year.

I sat down for my scripture study and wasn’t more than two verses into my reading before I realized I forgot to pray first. I hesitated a little and decided to continue reading and pray afterwards. Sometimes it’s better for me to pray after and sometimes it’s better for me to pray first. Today things worked out perfectly.

I decided to start my reading in Ether. Sometimes I feel like 1 Nephi feels so rehearsed in my mind as I read because I always start at the beginning with 1 Nephi. Not really knowing where else to start I chose Ether because it’s a book about the oldest civilization in The Book of Mormon. After Ether is Moroni and then the book is finished. I finished reading Moroni today and can’t help but feel like I finished The Book of Mormon!

The Spirit was so strong as I read and my testimony of The Book of Mormon was strengthened. My prayer became one of heartfelt gratitude. First and foremost I was so thankful for the rich outpouring of the Spirit. Actually that’s what I have been praying for since I started reading again. Prophets have promised an increase in feeling the Spirit from consistent study of The Book of Mormon. Today was one of those ah ha moments of study that I love.

For the rest of the day I felt lethargic. When I started blogging about how blah I felt – scintillating stuff I know! – Heath put on a Ted Talks that he really wanted me and Gavin to see. It was a man talking about many different things but mostly music. It was the most inspiring Ted Talk I have seen in a long time. Gavin was motivated to practice the piano with a little more passion and I knew I needed to change my post.

Who knows what 2014 has in store for me and my family? What I do know is that my passionate personality has been misguided lately. Rather than being negatively piquant I want to be piquant about the beauty in the world. Gavin has a tendency to pray for the same thing. He asks that Heavenly Father make tomorrow be a better day. I always think that it’s not up to Heavenly Father to give anyone a good day. It’s up to each person to take their day and choose to make the most of it.

Today I’ve learned to do just that.