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A great song came on but I couldn’t hear most of it. I was too busy looking for the remote to thumbs up my approval to Pandora. Searching … searching … searching. Where was that remote? Clawing through drawers and looking under my bed didn’t produce the remote.

The song was almost over. I loved the song. Some Rob Thomas song and I love Rob Thomas. Maybe it was Matchbox 20. He sang for them back in the day. I want to say the song was Push but again, I missed most of it frantically looking for the Tim TiVo remote. That and feeling really mad at Heath for stealing the remote.

It was all a conspiracy to steal and hide the remote from me. Now Pandora would never know how I felt! Two thumbs would forever sit ambiguously together on the screen. Who knows when the song may ever come up again? Especially now that Pandora believes I have no opinion.

Another song came on and my head surfaced enough into consciousness to realize this may have been a dream!

Last night was the worst night’s sleep I have had in a long time. Midnight came with no feeling of sleepiness. Just a lot of coughing. Heath told me to take some Nyquil but I thought a cough drop and another episode of Friends would lull me into tranquility. Heath snored softly next to me. The cough drop disintegrated by the end of the episode and I was no closer to feeling tired. Gwen and I had a great coughing duet going for the next 30 minutes. I finally gave in and took the medicine.

Sleep eluded me still until the next thing I knew Heath had come out of the shower to turn on the news while he worked from home. Every bit of my body wanted to continue to sleep. Classic low blood sugar symptoms told me I better get up. Nothing like having breakfast a couple hours before going out for breakfast! We met Grandma and Grandpa at IHOP as a final hurrah before they had to fly back home.

When we got home I tried to clean up but my energy was in short supply. Heath had to help me move couches. That’s only my favorite job ever! Eventually I gave up and crawled into bed. My feet were cold so I pulled the blankets over me too. Heath continued to work but wanting something to break up the silence he put on my Pandora station. Hence the dream sequence.

The boys have been asking me why dreams are so weird when they’re sick. I don’t know but it’s certainly true. At least it was for me when I was a kid. My dreams are just weird and vivid regardless of my health. Just before I woke up yesterday morning, I had a really crazy dream.

Something about my sister getting married (in real life she has been happily married for six years). There were two openings to this sort of hallway. All I really remember was coming back into the hallway/staging area and seeing Heath running around all hyper. Chris (our friend) was there too. He was less hyper but they both were laughing. That’s when I found out that they had drank the rest of the Diet Coke without me while I was sleeping. I know! I sleep in my dreams!

Heath just laughs at me when I tell him how mad I get at him in my dreams. What else can he do? He can’t control his actions in my subconscious. FYI: I tend to only get mad at him in my dreams. Although he had a weird dream too. After I told him he drank the rest of my Diet Coke with Chris he told me we took up snow skiing. I laughed at that impossibility and he said we decided to do that after we took his parents hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Hmm …

Dreams are interesting. If I’m lucky I can sleep tonight without dreaming. I doubt it.