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Every once in a while we all get to experience a perfect day. Today was my perfect day.

Devon and I got in a good workout this morning while the kids started putting toys away. They wanted pancakes and I wanted a clean house so we made these arrangements last night. When I was finished sweating and hyperventilating I made pancakes for the kids.

Parker wanted to play video games. They agreed to finish putting toys away while I showered. Miracle of miracles I never heard any fighting! While I was getting ready the phone rang. My visiting teachers called to say they needed to reschedule for today instead of tomorrow. No problem. I’m flexible.

I made macaroni and cheese for lunch. It was a cooking day for me! I ate a bowl of cereal because it sounded good! We all had sides of fresh sugar snap peas and cherries. Yum!

Time was running out for me to come up with something entertaining for the kids to do while my friends came over. I pulled out a roll of butcher paper and the water colors. I also tore out three pictures from a paint with water book Dawn gave me. My favorite part of the book, aside from fond memories of painting with water as a kid, was the price tag. It says Pic N Save 39 cents. I loved that store as a kid. It was my first job. By then it was called MacFrugals and now is called Big Lots. All the same store though.

My friends came over and immediately wanted to know where my kids were since it was too quiet for a house with three kids. I told them they were outside painting. My estimate was that the kids would last 15-20 minutes before either fighting or telling me they were bored. There was no fighting. I had the door open so we could hear them and all we heard were happy kid sounds. They happily painted for an hour! An hour! With no fighting whatsoever! Color me impressed.

My kids are really good and I sometimes forget how wonderful they actually are. Today they were angels. I made sure to thank them for being so good for me. I never told them anything other than my friends were coming over. They instinctively knew I needed them to entertain themselves.


My budding artist Parker painted this. These are the Madagascar characters.

One of my visiting teachers was talking to me about sewing yesterday. I told her I have no pending projects. She said she would bring over some patterns for me to borrow. She had a grocery sack full of Gwenny sized patterns. I chose two dresses to make. One is a Project Runway pattern where you can mix and match pieces to make your own personalized ensemble. The other pattern has six different versions of a dress. My friend pointed out that with different fabric I could make nightgowns out of the simpler dresses. JoAnn’s here we come to pick out fabric!

It was 2:00 pm and I wasn’t sure how to spend the rest of the afternoon. Gavin asked if we could go to the park. That sounded like a great idea. The kids rode bikes and scooters and we hit all three playgrounds in the mile long park. That means the kids rode around for one mile and played in between. I walked alongside Gwen. That completely tuckered us all out and we crashed in front of the TV for a couple Phineas and Ferb episodes.

I resisted the temptation to melt into the couch and we turned the TV off to read. Gavin is trucking along with his reading this summer. Parker is so proud of all the chapter books he can read.




After dinner the boys opened the presents my mom sent for their birthdays. They have been enthralled with their gifts ever since. Gavin has space stickers and a planetarium that shines on the ceiling. Parker got an art kit where he can make spiral art, mystery pictures, or dial in pictures on templates. FYI: Parker was allowed to open his present because he has been crazy jealous of Gavin for having such a cool birthday. Parker cannot wait for his own birthday and really, he hardly ever celebrates his birthday on the actual day. July is birthday month in my family so we let Parker satisfy his need for gifts early.

It has been such a wonderfully perfect day!