Gavin has been obsessed with space for the last several months. Obsessed. He rambles on and on about space when I am the most rushed. He whispers to me about space in the middle of Sacrament Meeting. I tell him that it’s not the time to be thinking about all his what ifs and how tos on launching himself into space in a cardboard box. I am not kidding. Obsessed.

So we got this harebrained idea to get him a telescope for his birthday. We ordered it through Amazon Prime (since we’re Prime members) a long long time ago. The box has been sitting in our living room for I don’t even know how long. Long enough for the jealousy to rise in Heath and he bought himself a telescope. Ok, he decided to get a telescope maybe the next day after he ordered the one for Gavin!

Heath really wanted to be able to take it with him to Scout camp later this month. Have I already told this story? I don’t remember. We found out before we were in Seattle that the telescope wouldn’t be delivered until the middle of Scout camp. So Heath bought one in Medford, OR and canceled the other order. That was a trick trying to find room in an already full van!


The other night we saw Saturn. It really does have rings. Heath tried to get a picture of it. This is the best one and it’s pretty small and fuzzy. What we actually saw was much sharper. It was definitely a ball with a ring around it. He’ll keep working on how to take great space pictures. I love that his telescope has that capability. Who knew you could photograph the cool stuff you see in outer space?


Gavin was ecstatic to get his own telescope. Heath and the boys are outside right now admiring the night sky with the new telescopes. We had to trick Gwen into thinking the boys were going to bed too. That girl has an expiration date on each day and it is always much sooner than when she actually gets to bed.


Gavin got A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky. It’s a really nice book that tells the stories of the stars, planets, and constellations and how they can be found in the night sky.


The book came with vinyl stickers and a constellation chart. You dial in the date and it shows what the night sky would look like on that specific date.


Grandma Westover knows what a science buff Gavin is. She got him an Eco Science Toys kit. He can make seven different toys using recyclable household materials. Heaven!


Even though it’s a little fuzzy, I love this picture of Gavin. He is so happy. Meanwhile Parker was doing his Oscar the Grouch impersonation. Parker gets so jealous! He cannot wait the eleven days for it to be his birthday.


Finally a teary eyed smile.


Everyone took turns looking through the telescope.


Heath had it pointed at the kids on the stairs. They opened their mouths and the kid at the telescope could see tonsils and all. They thought that was hilarious.

My Bug is 9 now. His head reaches the top of my shoulder. Soon he will be taller than me. He is sweet and funny. His imagination is always going. He wants so badly to be a computer programmer when he grows up that to him the world is a computer game. He is brilliant and always talking math or science. He still makes great observations about the world around him and asks really deep questions. He is a little bookworm too, which I love. We got him a little light to clip on his books so he can read in bed without disturbing Parker.

Funny story about the reading light . . . Gwen was throwing a fit not wanting to go to bed tonight because she wanted a reading light too.

Gwen: Get me a reading light right now!
Me: We gave Gavin the reading light for his birthday. I don’t have another reading light.
Gwen: There’s one more (she holds up one finger) in the bag. That’s for whom?
(I kid you not, she said whom)
Me: We don’t have another one. Go to bed!

We bought the lights with the kids. They had no idea what we were getting. Gwen was going through the bag after we got home and I nonchalantly put everything back in and put the bag up on the movie cabinet. They left it alone. She is the only one that knows that there’s actually another reading light. She doesn’t know it’s for Parker’s birthday. It’s now in the top of my closet.

Apparently Gavin was having so much fun with his telescope. He tried so hard to find things. Heath would get him pointed in the right direction and let Gavin fine tune it. Gavin didn’t understand. It was as if he thought, the object is in the sky and the sky is above me. So he would tip the whole thing so it was pointed straight up and practically behind him. Gavin would get all excited saying he found Saturn. Heath told him he actually found Vega! Such a cute kid. We sure do love this boy. Happy birthday Gavin!