By the way, I took the kids to the library today to see the Crazy Chemistry Mad Scientist show. It was really cute. My kids were on the front row. Best seats in the room! She told a story about meeting an alien who had crash landed outside her lab one night. Throughout the story she recreated the experiments she and her lab partner had done to help the alien that night. And guess who was there? One of Gavin’s first grade teachers! For as small as the community is where we live I’m just glad I run into the teachers and people I like!

There are different tourist attractions that just have to be done in different cities. I already showed some of my pictures from Temple Square in Salt Lake City. That’s definitely a must do. In Seattle my favorite touristy thing to do is the Space Needle. Did you know that the Space Needle hosted over 2.3 million visitors during the World’s Fair in 1962? And it annually hosts more than a million visitors, making it the number one tourist attraction in the Northwest.

This trip was the first time I never ate in the overpriced restaurant in the sky. We bought city passes because they were a real bargain. They did not include any discounts for the restaurant.


Gavin vaguely remembers eating in the Space Needle restaurant. Parker didn’t believe he’d ever been to the Space Needle. Although he does remember the ferry ride we took from Edmonds to Kingston. Parker wasn’t even two years old yet. I think he remembers slipping on the salt on the ferry and dinging up his face pretty good. Lindy remembered the first time Gavin went to the Space Needle because he carried a fussy Gavin all around the restaurant and outside while we finished eating.


Have I mentioned how much I love the Space Needle? So many memories there. I guess that’s why I talked Heath into going back to the gift shop and buying the Space Needle ring for Gwen. It’s too big for her so it’s mine until her fingers fatten up. I took the picture of the ring myself, can you tell? It’s a purple piece of plastic that brings me such joy!

Seattle-Trip-Cannon-001It is 520 feet to the observation deck. Only 500 to the restaurant. The elevators travel 10 mph or 800 feet per minute. The elevator ride lasts 43 seconds. On windy days the elevators are slowed to 5 mph or 400 feet per minute. There are three elevators that each carry 25 people. The elevator tour guides fill the fast ride with information about the area. I learned that Mount Rainier is only visible 50 days out of the year due to cloudy and rainy conditions. I also learned that Seattle is not the wettest city in the country. Believe it or not, the wettest city is Miami. They get more torrential downpours yielding more rain per year even though they are quite sunny. Seattle tends to be cloudy and drizzly more days than not.

Now they take pictures of each group before going on the elevator ride. Of course it could be because this is the 50th anniversary. That’s why the top of the Space Needle is painted orange. Orange was one of the original colors. Should I worry that the boys have holes in their shirts? Sheesh, I can’t take those kids anywhere!

Seattle-Trip-Cannon-003The sun was shining but the wind was blowing which made for a chilly view from the observation deck. Then again maybe it was just me. I’m always cold when we visit Seattle.


I love how being able to walk a full 360 circle and being able to see it all. In the background is Mount Rainier. We got even better pictures from our Elliot Bay tour. The arches just above the buildings are the football field – Century Link Field. The baseball stadium is just to the right – Safeco Field.


Through the binoculars provided on the observation deck, we determined the ship in the water is a Disney Cruise ship. As fun as that would be we decided that six or seven thousand dollars for a Disney cruise is much more than we want to pay. Disneyland is significantly cheaper. We paid about a thousand dollars for our last trip to Disneyland that included staying in the Disneyland hotel.


I like this picture because it shows a different perspective of where we were on the Argosy Cruise.


Look at all the gorgeous trees! I love the Northwest!


Heath captured shots of a seaplane landing on the water. So cool. Seattle-Trip-Cannon-016I learned that Grandma’s favorite way of remembering the fun places she’s been is to smoosh a penny. She says they fit perfectly in a scrapbook. I never thought of that before! The kids loved helping her turn the wheel.

To be continued . . .