It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a huge footprint!


Strange that the footprint can easily swallow up two boys and a dinosaur impressionist yet the dinosaur didn’t eat the kids. The benign growls of a little girl didn’t even affect the dinosaur.

Oh wait. Dinosaurs are extinct.


Why do I get the feeling we don’t have any idea what we’re doing in here?


Parker: Green means go right?
Gwen: Uh . . .
Gavin: Or it could be the button that blows us all to Kingdom Come!


Life size chess board. Gavin is in heaven.


My worst nightmare.


I’m not ok with any of these giant bugs.


Scorpions should not be as big as my hand. Right? Gavin started reading Holes today. As we were standing in line to pick up my prescriptions he started getting all upset. He told me he couldn’t stop thinking about scorpions! Me neither kid. They’re nasty little buggers. At least he’s just reading words on a page and I pointed at some vile minion of the devil behind thick (I hope) glass.


Millipedes the size of my head? Really? I never want to visit Africa or South America, I tell you whut! Their bugs are like our state birds. In size anyway.


Definitely not ok with this! First of all, the caterpillar is James and the Giant Peach size. That’s not right. Second, and most importantly, who said Garrett could grow up? One second I marry into this family and Garrett is all little and cute. The next thing I know my youngest is about his age sitting on the same caterpillar a blink of an eye later. Meanwhile he’s 15 and taking driving courses. He’s almost as tall as Heath. He is the most polite, nice, well mannered, good looking kid ever. Again, who said he could grow up? At least he grew up well.


Everywhere I go the circles keep following me.

We sure had a lot of fun in the Seattle Science Center. It’s a pretty cool place. Like I said, it’s the best children’s museum I have ever been to. Stay tuned for the butterfly house post.