Coming home from fun trips is hard. To make matters worse I found out that Parker’s pom-pom making class was canceled. It’s like I registered both boys for craft classes the week of Independence Day!


Parker was bummed he couldn’t go to his class this morning. I was too.


After all, we finally found the pom-pom makers. Can you spot them?


Here’s a closer look. Can you see them now? They’re the plastic colorful circles down the middle of the picture carefully tucked behind merchandising racks that stick out. Can you believe these things are as hidden as they are? That’s just poor stocking. At least we have them now. The class called for the 4.5” size. It looks like they will make some pretty big pom-poms. The creative wheels are spinning already!

I called this morning to reschedule Parker’s class. Too bad I didn’t check my messages when we got home on Saturday. That could have saved a lot of hassle all the way around. Parker was rescheduled for later this month. I was assured the class had enough participants and shouldn’t be canceled. Then I asked about Gavin’s class on Thursday. The lady didn’t know if it would be canceled or not. Given that the class was on July 5, I decided to reschedule him. Make a preemptive strike. He was scheduled for later this month as well.


He was very disappointed he couldn’t have his class on his birthday. Sorry kid. I should never have registered for this week. I should have known.

We made some super cute 4th of July shirts today. But I’m not going to show you until Wednesday. It’s an American birthday surprise!