Warm sunny days are not necessarily the norm in the Seattle area. This happens more often in summer but even then it doesn’t get hot. This week has been unseasonably cool and rainy for this area. I think Wally Weatherwoman even said something about it being a fairly cool and wet month. Not being from this area I could be making stuff up. You know, based on a true story. I try to be in the ball park of accurate. I just make no promises.

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out all day. It wasn’t even partly cloudy. Just gawgeous! Our plans were to go back into the city to take advantage of a couple more activities included in our city pass.

Fashion dilemma: what to wear? The forecast was sunny and low 70’s. About as perfect a day as you can ask for. Shorts would be nice but we were planning on taking an Argosy cruise around Elliot Bay. Shorts may not be appropriate on the water. I hemmed and hawed and finally decided on long pants. The mild temperatures did not make me regret my decision. It was one of those days where clothing could go either way.

However, the locals saw sun and knew it was just for today. I would imagine if you live here full time you have to be flexible and enjoy each moment for what it is. What I found interesting was that half the people were dressed in nice spring day attire while the other half were half naked.

Droopy butt shorts seem to be the style this year. You know the short shorts where the girl’s asset is sneaking out the bottom? Those shorts were paired with a handkerchief sized tank top. Some girls skipped the top altogether and went for the sports bra as a shirt look. You would think it was 500 degrees in the shade the way some of those people were prancing around in next to nothing. Anyway, just a little observation of mine.

The cruise was so cool. I loved every second of the one hour tour. I considered packing a suitcase full of clothes just in case we relived Gilligan’s Island for some reason. It was a three hour tour that resulted in four seasons of shows where the characters wore a variety of outfits. Hmm.

While we were on the cruise I took a few pictures of Red Robin at Pier 55. It reminded me of the last time we visited Seattle and ate dinner there after going to the Aquarium. Our table was in the back corner of the restaurant against two window walls looking out on Elliot Bay. For old time’s sake we had lunch there today after our cruise. Our table wasn’t as close to the windows but it was still a fun experience.

On the cruise we saw Mt. Rainier which is a big deal around here. On our Space Needle adventure we learned that Mt. Rainier is only visible 50 some odd days out of the year. I snapped several pictures of it. I also got the Victoria Clipper and remembered our honeymoon to Victoria. Between the pictures Heath and I took, I’m sure there are close to 200 pictures of the cruise alone!

After lunch we went to the Seattle Aquarium. That was fun. I love aquariums for some reason. Zoos don’t do it for me but aquariums are awesome. Millions of pictures were taken there too. In case you haven’t figured out my vacation system, I try to post every day while on vacation and then show pictures when I get back. So if you’re anticipating pictures they’re coming soon.

We left the aquarium with 2/3 of our kids melting into puddles of angry tears. My goal as a parent is to tick off my kids to the point they tell me how much they hate me at least once a day. My goal is to ruin their lives once a day. This wasn’t an original goal of mine but since I seem to be so good at it I try really hard to make it happen once a day.

Why were they so mad? Because their evil nefarious parents refused to buy them toys from the gift shop. I know! The nerve of us. They each got a commemorative t-shirt. Gavin was fine with that. Of course he’s never been much of a toy person. Usually Gwen can be appeased with clothes but not today. Parker used to be happy with us spending any kind of money on him. That seemed to be his agenda – to get us to blow wads of cash on unnecessary items. Nope. Not today. Today he wanted a toy and nothing else would do.

Heath found a friend for Betty. He’s a cute river otter. We haven’t named him yet. The kids have been too busy plotting our demise. Betty will be happy to have a friend though.

This evening as I’ve seen families out for walks or people running, I wonder if we had enough fun on such a beautiful day. I always come back to yes. It has been a fabulously fun day. Man how I love Seattle!