My house is spotless because we already did our Team Responsibilities (chores). The kids have been in their swimming suits all day. We played in the water this morning. The fun surprise was that our beloved first grade teacher and her boys were there so we played with them. We’re out slipping and sliding some more.

Other accomplishments include our new summer journals. I bought some notebooks for the boys and a pad of blank paper for Gwen. The plan is to have them write (or draw pictures) each night before bed. Today we covered them in scrapbook paper and stickers. Then I covered everything in clear contact paper. More because the scrapbook paper wasn’t sticking real well but they will be protected too. They’re cute.

I worked out this morning. But I just sliced my big toe and toenail open trying to move the racking fracking umbrella that kept tipping over in the wind. It didn’t hurt at the time but it hurts now that I have it wrapped in bandaids. Hopefully it doesn’t put a damper on my new surge of exercise motivation.

It’s a million degrees. The kids are mostly happy and not whining or fighting. I’m blogging in my sanctuary. Life is good. I could definitely get used to this!