I’ve been a sewing fool lately.


After many sewing projects captured my attention, I finally finished Gwen’s dress yesterday. It’s a Lizzy McGuire pattern. I didn’t know Lizzy McGuire had her own line of clothes! The show was sure cute back in the day when we only had two little boys who didn’t care about preteen angst on the Disney Channel.

Gwen is too easy to spontaneously buy stuff for. I bought her flip flops on a whim, like just about everything I buy for her. The only color in her size was the cutest bright green. I also grabbed some flip flop embellishments against my better judgment that they didn’t look like they’d work even in the package. They didn’t work well. Smooth plastic doesn’t stay well on smooth rubber no matter what kind of glue you use. Whatever hadn’t already fallen off I ripped off. Then I decided to tie fabric strips on the rubber part of the flip flops. It happened to be the same fabric I used for her dress. The pink flowers glued on top of the fabric worked perfectly and I decided against using the little jewels again.


This was probably the first sewing project of this string of projects. I made the apron at a Relief Society activity last month. It turned out so cute I went back to JoAnn’s and bought more of the same fabric and ribbon for an apron for Gwen and her dolls. She didn’t want that fabric for her dolls. She wanted purple. So I bought a purple remnant square since nothing else would do. Believe me I tried. It’s too bad the pictures turned out so fuzzy. Oh well. Gwen loves wearing her apron to help me cook. Usually macaroni and cheese. Tomorrow she will don her apron to help her dad make cookies while I hang out with Parker and his class on the last day of school.

After the aprons I made a skirt for me. I’m always telling the kids that despite what they think, the earth does not revolve around them. It revolves around me. The skirt turned out so awesome. It’s a pencil skirt that I made in a matter of a couple hours. I found some denim looking fabric that I had to have for that skirt. And Heath took my picture but as fun as it is to post fat pictures of me on the Internet . . . I think I’m done for a while.

Next I cut out Gwen’s dress. That took me several days. That’s the slowest part of every sewing project for me. When I finally got it cut out and ready to sew I developed adult ADD and hemmed cutoffs for the boys instead.


Remember the hot dog pants Gavin wore in first grade? He was a hot dog for Halloween and wore red pants and a red shirt with a big foam bun vest. Gavin eventually grew out of the pants and Parker was more than happy to take over them. I’m impressed they made it through two boys and nearly two school years before getting huge holes in the knees. They were a bugger to hem and I did them first more to practice than anything else. Parker wouldn’t take them off so I had to make my peace with it. They don’t look too bad. He looks weird in this picture. Silly boy.


Beggars on the street looked nicer dressed than Gavin in his jeans with holey knees. I couldn’t bear to let him wear them one more time to school. As I do every year, I thought the cold days of spring were over. I chopped all his pants into shorts. Of course we have had a few cold snaps since then, including this week. The last week of school is always cold. What is up with that? I refuse to buy him more pants though. Not until the fall anyway.

I bought a denim needle just for this project. Unfortunately they still look like cutoffs to me. Recycling old pants into shorts made me feel pretty good about myself. I felt green when I’m the least green earth friendly person on the planet. Plus, it saved me some money. Gavin was in desperate need of more shorts.


I took an old pair of Parker’s jeans and turned them into a ruffly skirt for Gwen. How cute is that? The skirt pattern I bought for my very first sewing project ever has been the best investment I have made. I’m up to five things I’ve made from that one pattern. Two skirts, two dresses, and now this denim skirt!


I finally put my June decorations in my apothecary jars. I really like the shells on top of the glass rocks. Fun.


And just to get it off my desktop, here’s Gavin with all his chess awards. We obviously bought a new keyboard and mouse after that day when I couldn’t get the picture off the computer.

That’s what we’ve been up to lately.