Driving home from the doctor this afternoon, I kept skipping songs. Not in the mood for that artist. Not that sound either. Nope. Uh-uh. I finally landed on Only Happy When it Rains by Garbage.

I like Garbage. I like the song too. It definitely describes me. Nothing is ever good enough for me unless it’s complicated. Truth be told, I’m feeling totally blah today. I don’t know if it’s the cold my mom breathed into my lungs trying to breathe life back into me or if I’m overwhelmed or just simply don’t care anymore. Unfortunately life goes on. The boys still have a month or so left of school so they should do their homework. There is still housework and yard work to be done. Children to feed and bathe, etc.

Since I’m only happy when it rains I thought it would be fun to post more rainy pictures from my trip. That should be more cheery than any thoughts I have today.


My mom is the cutest hostess! She put this basket of snacks, water, and extra towels in the room Gwen and I shared. Gwen was always begging for snacks from this basket. When my own snacks were getting a little depleted I started grabbing from the basket. When Candi and Ed were helping me pack on Monday, Candi was shoving all the snacks in my bags just in case. I was definitely grateful for my mom’s forethought with the snacks.


I’m so glad I bought these Mickey Mouse Playhouse toys for Gwen. She loves them. I love how she lined them up against the wall before going to sleep.


On Saturday we went to Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. The morning was pretty nice with more sunshine than clouds. Of course the clouds thickened as we got closer to leaving. It rained off and on as we drove, with the rain getting heavier the closer we got to Salt Lake. By the time we turned into the parking lot the rain had turned to hail. Gwen was very mad at me for telling her she had to wear this jacket. We hadn’t planned on cold Utah weather so we only had light jackets that would do little to protect us from cold rain. My mom let us borrow her jackets. The hail/rain let up so we got out of the car. Gwen was ready for an adventure.


The first place Gwen went after I paid the entrance fee was to the train table. This girl loves trains.


Gwen was excited to ride the train through the park. The excitement died very quickly. “Why we not on the train tracks? Why is the train on the street?” I didn’t have a good answer. I thought the train ride was pretty cool. First of all, we rode in the only covered car so we got a break from the rain. I was impressed with all the pioneer history. Did you know it wasn’t just the Mormons who went to Utah seeking religious freedom? True story. There were plaques for many of the different religious pioneers. Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and Jewish people. I had no idea!


This is a map of the United States in 1865.


Because of the number of immigrants speaking other languages, The Deseret Alphabet was taught. It’s a phonetic alphabet that made learning English much easier. It’s pretty confusing to me but I learned English with the traditional alphabet.


Mom forgot her homework and had to wear a Dunce cap.


We practiced milking a pretend cow.


There was a really cool petting zoo with tons of baby animals. Izzy and Gwen liked the bunnies the best.


Gwen fed a cow. She’ll tell you that was one of her favorite parts even though she was standing as far back as she possibly could and jerked her arm back as soon as his tongue touched the pellet.


Gwen wanted to go into the petting zoo area with the pigs and goats. As soon as we got in there she took off for the bridge. She didn’t care about the animals. She just thought their little yard was cool. Silly girl.

There was too much rain for the pony rides so I bought Gwen a unicorn. She was sure she would get to ride a unicorn! It’s one of those things that grows in water. I also bought her some really expensive rocks. She asked if she could fill a bag of rocks and I said yes. She put six rocks in the bag that cost $6 no matter how many rocks you stuffed in there! I also got her a “spyer” (magnifying glass).

This girl is so spoiled. For all the stuff I bought her on our trip she came home to new stuff from her other grandma – wedding dress for her doll, Little Red Riding Hood cape for her doll, and a veil for Gwen.

So much fun.