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I was doing really well reporting on each day of my trip until Sunday when I sort of fell off the face of the earth. The not so funny thing is that’s about what I tried to do. After all my brushes with death, this one was by far the closest.

My mom, Gwen, and I went to Sacrament Meeting then home for lunch. We wanted to go to Temple Square before my grandparents came to dinner. Temple Square was beautiful as usual and I enjoyed being there. We walked around a long time and then watched a movie about the Prophet Joseph Smith before going home.

On the ride home I was very quiet. My mom and I passed it off in our minds as me being spiritually overwhelmed by the film. As my mom pulled into her driveway we could see her next door neighbor playing basketball outside with his kids. We went inside and changed our clothes.

That is the last thing I remember before the big gaping hole in my memory.

I remember unbuttoning Gwen’s dress and then she changed her clothes. I remember taking my dress off and changing into a comfortable pair of jeans and a button up shirt that would match the bracelet I was wearing. I swear I put on my shoes. My mom says I did not have shoes on so maybe I just remember thinking about wearing those particular shoes.

The next thing I remember was lying on the floor in an unknown location staring up into a handful of unfamiliar faces. The people were all trying to get me to calm down. Somewhere in there I was put on a stretcher. They picked me up and carried me outside where I saw two fire trucks in front of my mom’s house. I was put into one and thankfully my mom was able to ride in the back with me. As I was being carried out of the house and feeling the most intense panic I have ever felt, I looked up and saw my grandpa. Nothing made sense. He looked very somber.

The actual details had to be provided by my mom. I guess what happened was I came out to test my blood sugar. My mom asked what the reading was and I told her she didn’t want to know. Then I admitted it was 35. I ate fruit snacks and drank juice. Then I passed out and my mom lowered me to the floor so I wouldn’t hurt myself. I had a seizure and my mom was freaking out. She said she was trying to move my jaw but it wasn’t working. At some point she ran outside and screamed for her neighbor to come help her.

She told him to call 911 and she gave me mouth to mouth because at that point I was blue and she thought she was losing me forever. The craziest part of the story is that for all the years my mom has been a registered nurse she has never once had to give anyone mouth to mouth resuscitation. She’s always had access to equipment to do that for her. We rode to the hospital while the EMT’s asked me a bunch of questions I should have known the answers to but my mind was not working. It was the most terrifying experience in the world.

Later Ed told me my grandpa’s side of the story. He showed up either right before or right after the EMT’s did. When I had come to enough to panic over the unfamiliar faces looking down on me and then recognized my grandpa, my grandpa said I recoiled from him like he had come to murder me. Two days later the whole thing feels like a bad dream. My sore muscles remind me that yes, I did have a seizure and spent several hours in the ER.

While in the ER I was pumped full of just about anything you can put in an IV. They tried several different anti-anxiety meds. I think they finally landed on Valium before I could calm down. They tried several different anti-nausea meds too. I still puked my guts up. When my headache wouldn’t go away they ordered a CT scan just to be sure everything was ok. Everything was fine so then they could do something to relieve my headache. Once my headache subsided the nausea also went away and the plethora of drugs made me sleepy. So I slept for several hours on a very uncomfortable stretcher type cot.

Ed and my grandpa came to give me a priesthood blessing about the time I was starting to feel really sleepy. They also gave my mom a blessing. I really don’t remember much of what was said in my blessing and very little of my mom’s. I do remember something about the Lord was pleased with my mom and how she saved me. I remember feeling like it was very important for my mom to not worry about anything but just know she did the right thing.

My poor mom is convinced Heath will never let any of us visit her again. Parker spent the day in Insta-Care on breathing treatments, I went to the ER, Gwen ate too much and puked everywhere, Gavin had the flu one Thanksgiving. I told Heath and he just rolled his eyes and laughed. Of course we can visit again!

The blessings have not escaped any of us. Bruce being outside when my mom needed his help. My mom knowing what to do and staying with me the whole time helping the other nurses. My grandparents coming over when they did. I think my grandma kept Gwen occupied until Candi and Ed got there for dinner. Gwen was just having a party! She loved spending the night at Izzy’s house. I am so grateful that Candi and Ed could take Gwen like that. I am also grateful the doctor gave me the choice of spending the night or leaving in a few hours. I was released at 1:00 am which meant I was able to make my flight yesterday.

It’s sad I didn’t get a chance to see my grandparents really. I saw my grandpa and listened to him talk to Mom and Ed while I was in and out of sleep. Both my grandparents came and watched me sleep for a little bit. I’ll tell you, when Heath was helping me pack for this trip I almost asked if I should take a microphone and try to get more recordings from my grandpa, but I didn’t. There were a few times on the trip that I wondered if I had made a mistake. I wouldn’t trick my grandpa again. I would tell him I wanted to record more of his stories. I was only going to see them on Sunday afternoon. Given the events of that afternoon I wasn’t able to really even see them! Maybe that trip two years ago really was my only shot at getting my grandpa’s stories.

All I know is I am so blessed. Blessed to have taken this wonderful trip with Gwen and bond with her even more. Blessed to be alive to tell about it. Blessed to be surrounded by people who love me wherever I go. I am blessed. I have a wonderful life, I’m not sure why I felt it was necessary to spice it up in this way!