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The day has come. After much anticipation, a day to puke my guts up, and a non shower day – although I did change my pj’s for my visiting teacher to come! Blast off day has arrived.

For nervous travelers who may be taking note – taking a mental health pharmacy of pills in the morning works. Gwen and I enjoyed our flight from Oakland to SLC today. She was a little annoyed that at the beginning and end of the flight she couldn’t watch any movies on my laptop and I wouldn’t let her play with the tray. But other than that, she loved every minute of it.


Candi, Ed, and Izzy picked us up at the airport and we went straight to City Creek. It’s a new shopping center in SLC that’s really something. There is a real creek running through the middle of everything. The landscaping is beautiful. The ambiance is posh. It’s basically an outdoor strip mall that to me seemed like a cross between The Gateway (another SLC shopping center) and Downtown Disney. The cool part is there is a removable roof cover thingy. Since it was raining buckets today the cover was up. When Heath went last month, the weather was warm and lovely so the cover was down.

We went to the Disney store and I had a little too much fun in there. It was like a smaller version of The World of Disney in Downtown Disney. I saw Lightning McQueen flip flops for less than I paid for Gwen’s flip flops at Payless recently. Oh I had to get those. I wasn’t necessarily planning on getting anything for the boys. Heath is spoiling them enough without me, but the flip flops were a must buy for Parker.

There were so many things that if my money tree was actually growing in my yard I would have impulse bought for Gwen. I have to pace myself though. Tomorrow is the What Women Want Convention. I did get her some Mickey Mouse Playhouse figurines. She had fun sharing and playing with Izzy. Of course they stopped playing together when I finally had my camera ready. Sigh.

Dinner was at Crown Burger. I have to say that’s the place I have been craving the most. When Heath told me he ate at Crown Burger I was so jealous. It definitely satisfied.

Then we hung out with Tyson and Deanna. That was fun to see them. I can’t believe how big Daphne and Calvin are. Holy cow. Then we took Mom home so she could snore in her own bed and get to work early tomorrow. I wasn’t tired so I said I wanted to hang out with Candi and Ed some more. I think we successfully riled Isabel all up until she was probably a bear to get to bed. Especially since she didn’t get her nap today. Sorry Candi.

Hopefully Gwen has played herself to sleep. I gave her all her toys and told her she could play as long as she stayed in bed. She’s not used to sharing a room and she’s used to falling asleep with her light on. Silly girl.

I miss Heath. He’s watching TV alone in our big new comfy bed while I sit on my mom’s couch wondering if there is anything on this late at night to watch alone. She doesn’t have cable either so my choices are really limited. Eventually I will feel tired enough to go to bed. More playing tomorrow!