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Pride, joy in work, and getting sunkissed. This is what we did today. We did yard work together as a family.

I mowed while Heath whacked at the jungle out back with his sword of truth. It’s really an electric hedge trimmer but doesn’t it sound so much more cool as the sword of truth? It trues up the hedges. When Heath told me the name of his new tool I laughed because apparently I’m rubbing off on him. Then I had old Seminary songs from the 90’s stuck in my head the rest of the day.

“With the sword of truth we are worthy to stand. With the gospel of peace our feet are shod. Valiant and strong in the armor of God. We have on the armor of God!” Those may not be the right lyrics but they’re the ones that kept playing over and over in my head.

Parker used huge pruners to help cut the sticks to fit in the green waste. He was having so much fun I was afraid I might lose a finger! While Parker and I worked on that Heath edged the lawn.


Holy moly! I had no idea what a difference edging can make. We were so spoiled with gardeners for so long. We’ve taken for granted all that the gardeners did for us. Who knew that mowing isn’t enough? Who knew the grass could spread so unattractively so quickly? We keep looking outside and asking each other, “Did the gardeners come today?” Because it finally looks like someone cares about this yard again. The curbing is visible again and everything looks trim and sharp.

Mowing without edging is like a guy getting a haircut while leaving the nasty hair on his neck. I hate neck hair. Whenever I see it my fingers itch for a razor. Let me shave your neck please! Our lawn finally looks like it got the neck hair shaved. It looks awesome.


Heath also fertilized the lawn. I did a lot of sweeping today. I also vacuumed my sanctuary. I love love love that gazebo on the raised porch. It is such a beautiful thing.


Wow! Aren’t Heath’s legs so attractive?

We’re sunburned and I’m still dirty since I didn’t have to shower to clean my legs off. My tub is definitely calling my name though. We bought some big plastic pots to grow stuff on one side of the gazebo. Heath just finished planting strawberries in one pot. Gwen was so certain that she could pick a strawberry tomorrow. There are three blossoms on the plant and no strawberries, but she doesn’t care. She thinks she lives in a Strawberry Shortcake movie.

I love that our kids helped us out in the yard. I had so many flashbacks to helping out with yard work as a child. Taking pride in work and a job well done is really fun. It’s been a great day.


Thank heavens these eggs were pre dyed.


Actually, they’re cheater eggs. I hate dying Easter eggs. What a stupid tradition! But the kids will feel like we truly celebrated Easter with colorful eggs.

Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow. By the way, if you click here you can share your feelings about Jesus Christ. You can add to the discussion on the site, post to their facebook page, tweet on twitter, or share on Google+. Pretty much people are sharing their thoughts on the Savior on just about every social media platform all weekend long. You don’t have to be Mormon to join the discussion either.