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Gwen loved having Grandma and Grandpa come visit for her birthday. Since they left the day before her real birthday we celebrated early. We are always looking for an excuse to celebrate early. Sometimes we celebrate for days after too. This year is no exception. Not only is she having her birthday tea party on Saturday but my mom sent a present yesterday so she’ll get that soon.

Monday was the big family celebration.


Gwen wanted a chocolate mousse pie for her birthday. Nobody planted the idea in her mind. She just announced that’s what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. With Heath and Grandpa being so busy outside, Grandma made the chocolate mousse.

Heath couldn’t find any Oreo crumbs so he bought lots of peanut butter Oreos for the crust. The kids took out all the peanut butter filling so the cookies could be crushed in the food processor (thanks to my mom for that Christmas gift!). The filling was put in a little bowl and we all would casually walk by sneaking circles of filling. The crust had a unique flavor since you could kind of taste the peanut butter a little. It was very yummy.


Chocolate mousse takes every cooking/baking dish in the house to make. There is always lots of leftover whipped cream to sample. Chocolate mousse is very rich. Heath believes it caused his gout flare up so he wanted it out of the house as soon as possible. There was too much for seven people anyway so we invited our neighbors over to celebrate with us.

For dinner Grandpa had made enchiladas. I was supposed to make it but somehow Grandpa took over my job. I was too busy loving my new screened in porch. My mom made the best enchiladas I had ever tasted. They were so good I told everyone who asked that enchiladas were my favorite food. Well. I found the recipe! Grandpa and Grandma’s enchiladas took me back to the happiest moments of my childhood – eating enchiladas. So good! We have eaten out so much this last week that I don’t know if we want Gwen to pick a birthday dinner wherever she wants. I liked her observed birthday dinner!

Opening gifts is so much fun for everyone. I love how I wrapped her fluffy tights from Halo Heaven in a test strip box! The tights are so nice. She’s wearing them today. I am so impressed with the things I ordered from Halo Heaven. That’s another post though.


I made Grandpa help Gwen open this gift. I was so afraid she would break the jewelry box if she opened it herself since it fit so tightly in the box it was shipped in.


Grandma made Gwen a doll with a blanket and several outfits, including a matching outfit for Gwen. Gwen quickly named the doll Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Aurora and Emma are best friends and enjoy playing together and sharing clothes.