And by we I mean me. Not quite sure what the rest of my family has been doing lately. We’ve just been coexisting under the same roof while I ignore them to craft craft craft craft. Even though I was on a roll last night and didn’t want to stop I missed Heath. So we watched The Adjustment Bureau. And by we I mean he did. I snored through most of it. What I saw was good so I’ll have to watch it again.

Without further ado I give you pictures of my crafting projects.


These are my January apothecary jar decorations. I picked up some little boxes from Party City for a dollar apiece or less. They were little shiny cellophane wrapped gift looking things with a spray of stars and cellophane strips shooting out the top. I had to artistically fold the top part down to get it to fit in the jars. Then I took a star garland and wrapped it around the bases of the jars and tied some glittery blue wire ribbon on the tops.


After wiping off glitter I cut up four bushels of fake roses from the dollar store. Arranging flowers in a jar is a lot harder than I thought it would be!


Nevertheless I think they turned out almost as good as the vision in my mind. I love roses because they are so romantic and sophisticated looking. I’ve never been much of a cutesy person so roses are a perfect way to decorate for the month of love. (you have to say it slow like this “month of l-u-u-u-u-u-v”) Besides Valentine’s Day this is the month of mine and Heath’s happy anniversary! This Friday!


I’ll have to unbury myself from all the tea party planning and decorations to celebrate. This stuff has been taking over my life! A friend and her family recently moved in and they really want to do babysitting swapping with us. Oh I am all over that! The plague kept us from watching their kids when they needed us. She offered to watch our kids this Friday when she found out it was our anniversary. Sweet! We’ll have to reciprocate soon.


JoAnn’s has had some killer sales lately. I had to buy the Little Miss some t-shirts for some projects I had in mind. Three t-shirts for $10. My plan was to make two t-shirt dresses because a friend mentioned she was doing that and it sounded easy, and one shirt would be just a nightgown. When I showed Heath what I bought he pointed out that one of the shirts was an adult small instead of a youth small. That one became the nightgown!


I’m pretty proud of it. Not particularly proud of the major overspray on the front but that’s what happens when you try to spray fabric paint outside on a windy day. The garage worked much better. Click to enlarge. It says “Once upon a time” with a frog and a crown on front. On the back it says “Happily ever after” with an exuberant princess accidentally choking the frog as she puckers up to kiss him! Gwen insisted on wearing it backwards so she could see the princess kissing the frog! Silly girl.


This is what I did with the other shirts. I didn’t know how to make shirt dresses so I made it up. The shirts are long on Gwen but above her knee enough I wanted to lengthen things out a bit. She’s a tall girl who keeps growing! With the skirt pattern I’ve been using I cut out ruffles and sewed them onto the shirt. Then I got some pre gathered lace stuff to finish the tops of the ruffles. By the way, $20 in pre gathered lace. No joke. Sewing isn’t always cheaper! Definitely cuter though!

As always you are welcome to click on photos to enlarge them. The green dress was hard for me to put together since the green was so hard to match anything to. I settled on multicolored butterflies on a purple background. Over the top ruffle is a row of blue crocheted lace flowers. Yes, they are the same as the pink ones on the skirt I made. On top of the bottom ruffle is a purple Tinker Bell tulle ruffle.

Then I cut out the phrase “you better believe it” from my Tinker Bell Cricut cartridge. I nixed the top part of the phrase and put in a caterpillar I cut out from another cartridge. I colored the caterpillar with fabric markers. This is now a dress I love. I didn’t like it or have high hopes for it coming together well but now that it’s finished I really like it a lot. I love the idea of a caterpillar on top and a whole bunch of butterflies on the bottom. The caterpillar needs to just believe he will one day become a beautiful butterfly.

The pink dress is not getting done fast because Gwen doesn’t want to try it on to help me make sure I put the ruffles in the right place. Once those are pinned in place I can sew everything on. I will use the same purple tulle over the second ruffle. Then I have a pink pleated ribbon to go on top of the first ruffle. I don’t think I will paint any image or phrase on the pink dress. I like it plain.

When JoAnn’s dropped the price of their t-shirts more, $10 for four shirts, I bought shirts for the boys. I want to make them some pajama shorts to match the shirts. The colors they chose are so dark I don’t know if I can easily paint anything on them. We’ll see.


Meanwhile school keeps on keeping on. Today is day 100. Don’t you love Parker’s glasses? He made a list of 100 things he loves and glued the numbered strips all over a poster for his collection.

That’s what we’ve been doing. What have you been up to?