Given the personality quirks I have I never thought I would run on a hamster wheel. I don’t overschedule myself or do more than I know I can handle in a day. Not that I have been doing too much lately. I just am exhausted!

Every day is filled with a to do list. Not my typical to do list either. The last couple of weeks have been so crazy busy. I have started putting my to do list in my phone so I don’t forget anything. Ubi reminds me throughout the day. And I have set times for the reminders.

Unfortunately my daily blogging gets pushed further and further down the list. It’s not nearly as fun to write when my entire family is home competing for my attention. The office with the invisible walls has invisible walls. A metal baby gate surrounding the area is not privacy. It’s merely to keep the kids out. Sort of. The boys know how to open the gate door and if they leave it open Gwen invites herself in to wreak havoc. A three foot tall whirlwind of destruction.

Believe it or not I do think of much more creative posts throughout the day. I just never seem to have the time to sit down and type out my thoughts on the keys with no names. On Saturday I started a post about The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. Best book ever! I must buy this book. It is so good. Hopefully when the dust settles on the hamster wheel I can squeeze out a better review than that! Humongous thanks to Becca for recommending the book to me. I love it! We need to have a discussion about it. The Wednesday Wars was partly to blame for my not ever turning on the computer on Friday. Heath told me he wanted to figure out how to disable my reading capabilities.

The kids have been wound extra tight lately. So tight I’m afraid something might snap and they will spin out of control, out the door, down the street, across town, into oblivion. That could make for a cute kids book. Between the kids being in school this whole week, hanging out with friends, thinking about cleaning my house, and everything else going on I think I’m glad the kids are in school. It makes time go faster for all of us. If I had to try to entertain them all day every day until Sunday I think I would admit myself to the loony bin.

The boredom I so desperately dream of will come. Probably next Monday. By Tuesday when Heath is back to work I will wonder why we were all so excited all month! For now Gavin can’t find his homework folder that he swears he saw when he got home. It’s just been missing since 3:30 this afternoon! I hope to have a much better post tomorrow. The noise level is too high right now. The whining is so high the windows may break. There are two more Diet Cokes in the fridge . . .