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Rearview Mirror was an exceptional suspense novel by Stephanie Black. Fiona Claridge lost control of her car on a rainy night injuring herself and killing her roommate. After eight years the accident was resurfacing with malicious packages left as anonymous gifts. Whoever was leaving the packages wanted Fiona to suffer emotionally for her past mistakes.

Suspense novels typically involve a lot of mind games and emotional stress among the characters. This story was intense with the psychological warfare aimed at Fiona.

There were a lot of key characters which was confusing to me at first. And every character had their own rationalizations for “questionable” behavior. Stephanie did a great job of creating sympathy from the reader. She showed exactly how people fell from grace without realizing until it was too late.

One thing I love about Stephanie’s writing style is her realistic characterization. If her characters use profanity she shows that without the reader having to read any of it. That impresses me so much. In real life there are people who use choice words. Those characters are important in many stories but I don’t want to read what they say verbatim. Stephanie manages to get through this aspect of a character without making a big thing of it. The reader doesn’t feel the scene fell flat for them. Issues with infidelity and adultery are also handled tactfully. She is a really great writer.

She’s an LDS author so the Mormon culture is obviously in her books. Mormonism was prevalent in this story but in a subtle way. Readers don’t need to be well versed in Mormonism to understand. It’s simply a story that happens to Mormon characters. Not that she is trying for a wider audience, but that could be a point in her favor.

I loved all the intrigue, danger, and romance. Oh sorry. I’ve had The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular) from Moulin Rouge stuck in my head all day. The twists and turns in this story kept it even more exciting. By the end of the book I had figured out how all the characters fit together in a web of lies. The last twist surprised me but in a should-have-known sort of way. It was cool. I really had deep sympathy for all the characters and their conflicts.

As the center of my own universe, I am now even more paranoid than ever before and suspicious of other’s intentions! Especially things that go bump in the night. That’s the joy of this genre. I know I had some other point I wanted to make but my kids keep interrupting me and my train of thought is lost down some black hole. I would highly recommend this book. It is really well written. I thoroughly enjoyed hating every second of it.