And the truth shall

ruin your day. What do I do with this little gem? Parker randomly came downstairs and told me he was looking in Heath’s desk and found the Studio C disk we bought for the kids for Easter.

I didn’t yell, though I really wanted to. I said that maybe he shouldn’t be looking through his dad’s desk. That maybe the things in there are none of his business! I left it at that.

Part of me hopes the other two weren’t paying any attention to what he said. Maybe we can still give the kids the video for Easter as planned. And if we do that maybe Parker will realize the Easter Bunny isn’t real and that he just shot his own innocence in the foot by snooping. Let the consequences speak for themselves. He is almost 9 after all.

Not being a snooper myself I can’t imagine why anyone would do that. What was he hoping to find in his dad’s work at home desk drawer? Candy? Sometimes there’s candy in there. I guess my kids are growing up. They already eat me out of house and home. Now they look for surprises that are supposed to come from mythical holiday creatures.

Gwen still believes. Even if she knew the truth she would still believe on some level. She thinks Mr. Pickle is real. One day he was standing on the corner waving at all the traffic hoping to entice people to stop by the sandwich shop. He put his hand inside his costume for a moment and Gwen lost her mind. How can a pickle put a hand inside himself?

We all laughed trying to help her understand. I mean really, how can a giant pickle have human arms and legs and dance on a street corner? Let’s not overthink it. To her it was all very confusing. She honestly believed that Mr. Pickle was real. I hate for her brother to further shatter her preoperational world by letting her know he found the Easter Bunny’s gift. 

Ten is not enough


Our food quantities have changed over the years. A batch of taco soup used to make a great dinner and several lunches for the week. Now we may not get even one serving of leftovers depending on how many of us went back for seconds.

Soft tacos used to produce tons of leftovers. Even when we only had one or two leftover tortillas the partial packages would add up. Last night all ten tortillas settled happily in everyone’s tummies. The meat portions got smaller and smaller with each taco. Gwen ate two tacos. Two! Ate the whole thing with nothing left to feed the garbage.

None of the kids fed the garbage after dinner. Gavin was complaining he was still hungry! If this continues we will need to use 2 lbs. of meat and possibly need two packages of tortillas. Heath and Gavin wanted three tacos and everyone else had two. Ten tortillas were not enough.

Normally we don’t have dessert. Since the kids and I made brownies yesterday we had dessert. Heath put brownies in bowls a la mode. I had Reese’s ice cream and it was really good with the brownies. Gwen did not finish her dessert. She was eating very slowly and Heath told her when he was finished she was too. That’s when we both realized she must have been stuffed with dinner! That girl usually never finishes one taco. Last night she ate two.

I worry about the future. Already Gavin complains after a full meal that he’s still hungry. He asks if he can have a sandwich. I should let him fix one himself but I don’t want it to mess with my school lunch portions! I hate buying bread from Costco because we can’t eat the two large loaves fast enough. We may have to go back to Costco bread now.

What am I going to do next year when I have to fix a school lunch for Gwen? We will be buying more juice pouches. I like to get the no sugar added Capri Sun juice from Costco. They come ten pouches to a box and four or five boxes are sold together. With Gwen in school all day one box will no longer last a week.

Sometimes I miss the days when we could get away with buying one kids meal between Gavin and Parker. Gavin would eat the sandwich and Parker would eat the fries. They preferred it that way. Now Parker is ordering off the adult menu at many restaurants. Gavin has been ordering adult size sandwiches or burgers for quite a while now. He still hates fries. But Parker will order a full adult meal and eat most of it.

The boys used to share Ramen. Now they each get their own package. I used to share with Gwen, and the boys when they were little. She eats most of one package now. I know Ramen isn’t the most nutritious meal I could feed my children for lunch. I put vegetables in it! Parker wanted a sandwich today. We didn’t have enough bread and I didn’t feel like going to the store. I just told him that he has a sandwich every day at school. Wouldn’t it be nice to eat something different while he was home? All three devoured their Ramen leaving very little carnage behind.

They also sighed while coveting my apple slices and peanut butter! Some things never change. That was always the most jealous inducing lunch I could ever eat while pregnant. I try not to skip meals in front of my kids. They ask questions I don’t want to answer. So high blood sugar equaled apples and peanut butter. I wouldn’t have eaten the Ramen anyway. Without being able to share with anyone I now prefer it only when I’m sick.

When I had two baby boys I used to worry a little about them becoming teenagers. The worries came and went quickly since adolescence was so far into the future. With all three of them acting like they’re going through a growth spurt I feel like the future is here.

Shake it Up


Sometimes people get tired. They get bored of the monotony of their lives. Especially the predictable routine. Shaking things up is a welcome change.

I have learned that things can be like people. They too get tired and bored. A shake up includes randomly not working the same way anymore. I am convinced objects that suddenly choose to fail are actually laughing at me. It’s entirely possible they are also judging my creativity in finding a way around their latest antics.

My computer is not my best friend right now. After a lot of searching I was able to find where it hid my video files from our scavenger hunt. It seems to me a heads up on the Hide and Seek game could have been helpful. Computer refuses to be thwarted by my ingenuity and seeking prowess. Now that I have found the files I can’t open them or do anything with them. They just sit in a random folder with complicated names.

The scavenger hunt was fun. It did not go at all how I planned. In many ways I overestimated my children’s abilities. In other ways I underestimated their abilities. From start to finish the entire hunt lasted three hours. That doesn’t include the thirty minute break we took while Gavin tried to earn more money on some silly video game. With starry eyes I hid clues last night, imagining this activity would take the greater part of the day! Boy was I wrong.

In the three plus hours we spent scavenging the sun shone brightly. Beckoning us to come out to play. Taunting me for assuming it wouldn’t be seen today. By the time we were finished the kids played outside for about half an hour while the brownies finished baking and they waited for lunchtime. We hadn’t even made it to lunchtime! Scattered sprinkles occasionally spit from the sky and the kids cleaned up outside. Had I known …

As it is the rain didn’t last long. I still don’t want to take the kids to the dollar store today. What would we do tomorrow? Even then I don’t really want to go. I may play the don’t-you-want-spending-money card for when we go to the Aquarium.

That was my favorite part of the whole scavenger hunt. The kids had no idea what to expect this morning. They just knew I had something fun planned and that for some odd reason I wanted them to sit in front of the TV and do nothing else. Gavin thought his dad was hiding somewhere and that we were going to Disneyland! The idea of going somewhere caught on and they thought maybe we were going to Florida. They assumed we would go anywhere to do anything but sit at home!

I worried they may be disappointed when they actually found out my plans. They were excited. It took a lot of prompting on my part to get them to work together and not run off without each other. Gavin found a future clue which really annoyed me. Apparently I didn’t hide things as well as I thought! In the middle of cleaning the bathroom they found the next clue and were ready to drop everything to find that clue. It took a minute for them to get used to how I wanted them to do things.


DSC00837They had fun with the brownies. That was a hard clue for them to figure out but it was worth it in the end!

Since my computer is being a little obstinate right now and I have tried and tried and tried until I am out of ideas, the rest of the pictures and video will have to wait until later. Stay tuned.

The little things


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It’s Spring Break this week. I love school breaks! Mostly because I get a break from driving so it feels like a major day off. A whole week of days off from driving is bliss. It’s the little things that make me happy.

Poor Heath had to wake up with the alarm and go back to work. He hasn’t been in the office for about ten days. My plan was to sleep in but low blood sugar had another idea. The kids were up early as is always the case on non school days. They fixed themselves waffles for breakfast while I finished reading my “Easter present.”

Actually the book was not an Easter present. I hope not anyway! Heath knows better than to tell me he bought me a book for a present. At least he knows enough to not show me the book a good month in advance of the holiday! Since he handed me Does this Insecurity Make me Look Fat? by Michelle Wilson while showing me what he got the kids for Easter, I figure the book was fair game. Great book by the way.

Last week Heath was at Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City. It was perfect timing for Easter shopping at Deseret Book. The kids and I had our traditional breakfast for dinner while he was gone. We had blueberry and chocolate chip Eggo waffles. The flavors were separate thank goodness! The kids toasted up the last of the waffles this morning. I love having independent kids in the kitchen. Gwen made her own hot pocket the other day. I could not have been happier that my job as microwave guru is now obsolete. All three kids will not starve to death should anything happen to me.

Wally Weatherman has been forecasting a lot of rain this week. Normally I would feel snarky that of course we would get rain during Spring Break. But I don’t even care. I am so glad we are getting rain. The rain came down heavily on Saturday and has been pretty steady this afternoon as well. Rain is bliss. Not having to go anywhere in the rain is heavenly. This will be the best week off ever!

The kids rode their bikes this morning. I stood around for a minute watching them as the icy wind blew across my face. Two of my neighbors were mowing their lawns. I looked at our shaggy looking grass that didn’t get mowed on Saturday due to a deluge of rain. Mowing seemed like a really great idea. So I traded my warm jacket with the fuzzy insides for a lighter hoody. It provided just enough protection while I exercised. When I was finished I trimmed some more bushes in the backyard. Sprinkles started to fall from the sky so I quickly wrangled the branches into the green waste while the kids put all the toys away.

After lunch I popped popcorn for my kids to munch on while I read to them. You would think I had offered to drive them to Disneyland for the afternoon they were so excited. I gave them a couple choices of books I could read and they chose Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. They busily colored while absently crunching on popcorn. I read the first couple of chapters out loud. It was really fun. They weren’t ready for me to stop reading yet but I was getting tired. Maybe when their movie is finished I can try another couple chapters.

While they have been watching The Incredibles I have been typing up clues for a scavenger hunt. I am so excited to watch them work together tomorrow to figure out my riddles and run all over the house finding clues. The problem is I don’t know what to make the final prize be. They’re pretty easily amused. Reading a book out loud today was the greatest way to spend an hour in their minds. It’s not like I need to do something huge and elaborate. The scavenger hunt will be reward enough. One idea I had was to have the final clue be in Love You Forever or Mama, Do You Love Me? and read the book to them. They would like that. We also have ice cream in the freezer.

Some of the clues may not be very exciting for them. I have one clue where they end up in their bathroom and I ask them to divide three jobs amongst themselves; sink, toilet, and bathtub. The next clue will be on one of the cleaning products they will need. I have another clue where they count the pairs of high heels in my closet and put that number of toys away!

I have very few clues where they are told to go directly to an item. Most of the clues I have tried to make them think. Like finding Monte, our plush pet turtle. They will need to remember his name is Monte because the next clue is that his name is similar to someone else’s name in the family – Mom. Then they have to find that person’s electronic reading device. Find the wrong Kindle and you won’t find the next clue. I want them to work together and really make an adventure out of it. It should be fun.

Come as you are



Over the years I have struggled with the concept of forgiveness. In some cases this principle has been difficult to exercise. I have reached varying degrees of forgiveness and once believed the process was over. Suddenly this new wave of anxiety was before me as I worried if I truly had forgiven a deep offense.

That was the real issue. Of course my mind swirled with other thoughts. I have been reading The Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister. What an amazing book! Every morning I have to wipe the tears before I can pick my daughter up from school. Pondering the atonement that deeply on a daily basis makes me miss my grandpa. I never thought I would miss him in this way. But the more I read the more I vacillate between an intense anxiousness to see him again to feeling like I have so much to change in order to reach where I believe he is with my Heavenly Father and Savior.

Another recurring memory was a time of repentance. The final step of forgiving myself was the hardest. The guilt I felt for what I had done was so intense. I remember having the thought that it wasn’t fair for me to allow the Savior to carry that weakness of mine when I knew it was wrong and did it anyway. I couldn’t let it go. But that’s the beauty of the atonement. My godly sorrow was complete. All that was left to do was to let Him swallow it up in the atonement. With all the faith I could muster I let go. I allowed the atonement to heal my repentant heart.

The forgiveness I felt was sweet. It still is. I remember my sins but I know He has wiped the slate clean. I remember because it reminds me of how I have learned and grown from the experience. I remember so I don’t do it again. That weakness is now a strength. A lot of good came out of that experience.

Now I find myself wondering again if have completely forgiven another. What if I haven’t? Does that mean my exaltation is at stake? How can I know what to do from here?

These questions plagued me last night. Somewhere in the back of my mind I kept thinking that I needed to put a pin in it until I had the time to devote to study and prayer on the matter. So I prayed that the Lord may ease my mind enough that I might sleep.

This morning I felt none of the negativity weighing me down that I had felt last night. I felt no worry about the particular situation in question. I almost had to remind myself that those feelings were there just a few hours before and that I promised myself to revisit it later. Later when I could objectively deal with it. Even reminding myself of “later” brought an unmistakable peace that was not there before.

The Bishop shared his testimony in Sacrament Meeting today. He spoke generally but I felt his words were an answer to my prayer. He said that the Lord loves us and He accepts us as we are. Whatever is on our minds, whatever challenges we are going through, He accepts us and loves us now – as we are. He knows us individually and therefore knows the struggles we face each day. And He loves us as we are.

This isn’t to say I can’t be better. About a month ago a speaker in Stake Conference talked about being better. She said don’t worry about doing your best. Just worry about doing your better. I like that idea. It’s more freeing to aim to be better rather than throwing up my hands and saying, well it’s the best I can do.

As far as the forgiveness issue is concerned … I still need to work that out with the Lord. He knows the situation. He knows the intents of my heart. He knows what I am capable of. He knows if my forgiveness is complete. He also loves me for who I am now. I don’t have to be perfect to feel that love. The atonement is infinite in nature. It encompasses everything. If I tap into that gift it will lift me to become better than I could ever be on my own.

I think it’s easy for people to become overwhelmed by gospel standards. We don’t need to take on the world at once. For me, I need to take a deep breath and a step back. Then I can tackle things one step at a time. Being reminded today that I am a daughter of God and that He loves me right now as I am, is the first step for me.

You know you’re in the Bay Area when …


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2010 05 16 Bay 2 Breakers pink gorilla.jpga school fundraiser race includes costumes. Think San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers. A race notorious for its wild costumes and nudity. Wikipedia’s article on the footrace says, “Some come to run seriously, others to party.” And this is probably one of the tamest images I can find from this race.

Today was the third annual Fun Run at our school. As with most school fundraisers I have my issues with this one. I think it’s great that the school is encouraging physical activity. I think it’s great that they are using that as a motivator for students to get pledge donations to earn money for the school. It’s a wonderful idea. I just have to wonder how much money is spent on t-shirts for every child, the tie dye kits, and the “costumes.”

This was sent in an email to me from Parker’s room mom.

Our class color is YELLOW. We will be making tutus for girls and braided armband for boys. We are looking for volunteers who may be interested in helping. Please let us know if you can help!!

We are also looking for items below. Please let us know if you can contribute.

1/2″ elastic band
tulle (yellow or white)
3/8″ ribbon (Yellow and white)

4321Last year Parker’s class had plastic capes in their color, face paint, and colored hairspray. Gwen’s class had felt capes this year. I have to say Gwen’s cape was so much cuter than the cheap plastic tablecloth Parker wore last year. She asked me what I thought the S stood for. I suggested super fast. She reminded me her teacher’s name starts with S. Oh yeah.

While this is all fun it’s unnecessary and, dare I say, kind of stupid! Even with parent donations of materials, why are we doing this? The t-shirts dyed in different colors should be enough.

Luckily it was a nice day for running. In previous years it has been miserably hot. And the kids are decked out to the nines in junk they don’t need for running. Today is the second warmest day this week. Monday was gorgeous and hot. The rest of the week it has been cool and rainy. The rain went away and the sun came out for the fun run today. Temps were in the low 60’s when I picked up Gwen. The boys had already done their running earlier in the morning.

This year a flyer was sent home with a list of prizes offered to the students who raised the most money. All I can say is I hope those prizes were donated and not purchased with school funds. Raffle tickets were given to every student who brought in pledges. Gwen was a little upset she didn’t win anything.

I thought it was interesting that this year all the fun run hype centered around emails sent home every other day begging for help running the event. The kids were still able to practice running each Wednesday at lunch recess but even that didn’t seem to be heavily advertised. Parker always participated in the practices but this year he didn’t seem to care. Gwen’s class never practiced running. Ever. Hopefully those poor kindergarteners got flat donations rather than pledges per lap!

The other interesting part was that the teachers never sent the t-shirts home ahead of time. Normally the classes tie dye the shirts and the teachers send them home for me to throw in the dryer to finish the process. Not this year. My kids were told what their class color was. They were also encouraged to wear as much of that color as possible to show class spirit.

Unfortunately kids don’t typically have colored shorts or socks. Gwen was so concerned about what to wear this morning. Her color was dark blue. So I told her that her shirt didn’t really matter since she would wear her official fun run shirt at school. But she could wear blue jeans. I put blue ribbons in her hair.

Gavin was a little frustrated as well. His color was green. He doesn’t have anything green. St. Patrick’s day was hard to dress for. He wanted to wear his green jacket. I hope he didn’t run in it! The other kids had green bandanas from Outdoor Ed. Since he didn’t go he didn’t have a bandana. That’s a bummer. Parker found the perfect yellow shirt to wear. That he had to cover up with a tie dyed t-shirt. See? It’s just silliness I tell you.

Oh well. As long as the kids have fun I don’t care. Gwen said Blueberry came to visit and was giving her high fives. Who the heck is Blueberry? Not a Strawberry Shortcake character. That was my first guess! No, Blueberry is the school mascot. Who knew? This is what happens when a school gets a new principal every year. We finally land on a principal who arranges for someone to come dressed up in a cub costume to represent the school mascot.

She said some disturbing things that make me feel bad. Apparently she was the only student in her class without a parent watching. Color me a bad mom! My thought process was that I have three kids who were all running at different times. I have never gone to watch this event in the past so I wasn’t going this year. Plus, I got an email that said in no uncertain terms that only approved parent volunteers were allowed to watch. Yeah, I thought that was a little weird. I never bothered with the volunteer clearance forms this year because I knew I didn’t want to volunteer in my small two hour window of kid free time. I know. I’m a horrible mother.

It didn’t bother me that Gwen was laying on a thick guilt trip. What bothered me to no end was that a father asked her where her mom was. When she said she didn’t know and kept on running he yelled after her, “What, are you a foster child?” That ticks me off. A lot. It’s none of his business why she had no parents watching her run today. Her dad is on a business trip and I had other things to do. It doesn’t mean I don’t love her. Or my boys that I didn’t watch today either. What a jerk.

That is one thing I hate about living here. And really it’s probably not exclusive to this area. But I get tired of parents trying to make me feel bad because of how I choose to raise my children. My way is not wrong. My children will not end up in counseling one day nor will they go on a killing spree because I have scarred them for life emotionally for not watching them run around a field for money! Just saying.

The parents who move heaven and earth to watch every moment of their children’s school career is not wrong either. It’s just not how I choose to function as a parent. Heath and I decided before we had kids that we would not go to every single event in their lives. That’s how we were raised. We knew our parents loved us and were cheering us on even if they couldn’t be there. We learned to do our best regardless of who was or was not watching from the sidelines.

Fears and Pet Peeves


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Having two bike riders has created an interesting dilemma for me. I love that they can ride. I love that they want to go outside and ride every dang day. I love that they have a sense of freedom. And that’s about where the love stops for me.

This new freedom scares the pants off of me. How far can I let them go? Do I have to be with them? Can they tour the surrounding neighborhoods unsupervised? Should they?

The other day they were out riding. The blinds were open so I could see out the window, but nothing passed by. Every time I looked up there was nothing. Where were my children? I walked out the front door and stood there for a little bit before I saw the two of them come around the corner. Apparently they found a new route.

Before the world of two wheeler bikes opened up, the kids would ride on the sidewalk mailbox to mailbox. They found that too restricting and went a little further. They went from corner to corner of the circle, crossing the street at each corner to create a very squished track. On that particular day they had discovered they could go around the block of houses that sit in the middle of the U shaped circle we live on. It takes them a long time and I am still skeptical because it shouldn’t take that long. Parker assured me they can stay on the sidewalk the entire time and never have to cross the street.

On Saturday Gwen was out riding while we worked in the yard. She crossed the street right as a lady was about to pull out from the curb and drive away. Luckily the lady saw Gwen and waited because Gwen never once looked. Heath gave her a thorough talking to and made her wait 15 minutes before allowing her to ride again. I have seen Parker be just as impulsive. They make me nervous.

I make them stay on the sidewalk because they don’t know how to ride safely in the street. The side of the street seems to be a subjective term. They prefer the middle. Parker hates me every day when I tell him to come in. By late afternoon traffic picks up with people coming home from work and teams meeting at the park.

Somehow I thought I would be a less nervous mother. My own mom turned us loose on our bikes all the time. We would come home hours later. At least my brother would. I usually stayed closer to home or went to someone’s house. He would ride all over the place perfecting his stunt man skills of jumping off his moving bike onto someone’s lawn. When he came home my mom would ask about his war wounds. He would proudly show off every bruise, cut, and scrape he received on his adventures. She was genuinely impressed and encouraging of this behavior.

Ah but those were different times. Helmets weren’t mandatory. Scrapes and bruises were a natural part of growing up. Kids could walk to the 7-11 on their own. We were always walking or biking somewhere, or counting our coins on my sister’s bed to see if we had enough bus fare to make it to the mall. I really identify with Lorde’s song Royal. Nowadays we drive our kids everywhere. We take our kids to the hospital for the tiniest of imperfections. I balk at society’s fear but give in to the changes because it is what it is. I would rather conform than see my kids on a milk carton. Do they still do that with missing children?

I know I’m crazy. But these are the thoughts that go through my mind as my children ride their bikes outside. My fears aren’t that they might fall off as much as they might get kidnapped. Wounds heal but stolen children don’t usually come home.

While I fret over the Boogeyman Parker is afraid of the animals. He rang the doorbell to breathlessly tell me he almost hit a squirrel. The squirrels around here are so stupid! I almost hit them in my car daily. He also said that he was afraid of a cat. Channeling my mom’s encouraging nature, I told him to go back out there. I told him to continue to brake for small animals and not to be afraid of cats. The cats won’t hurt anyone! He only halfway listened. He got off his bike and made mean cat noises at the cat. When that didn’t work he pretended to be a dog. With no success there he turned into a wild child with arms raised and yelling as he charged the cat.

Maybe our kids are safer than I think. The animals on the other hand …

A musical about early American history … sort of!



Students stood at either entrance of the multipurpose room handing out yellow programs. The programs were full of 5th grade artwork depicting scenes from American history. There was no list of program events. Just notes among the illustrations thanking and welcoming parents and teachers.

“We welcome you to our production of
The 13 Colonies
A musical about early American history … sort of!”

The program was set to begin at 8:30. Parker doesn’t start school until 9:10. He had to come with me and leave early. His backpack looked like it belonged in a cartoon. His hand went in and came out with anything his heart desired. Sheet after sheet of blank paper to draw on and a miniature pencil factory. He brought a pencil from home but the tip immediately broke. Not to worry. The magic backpack produced at least ten more to choose from.

Parker had spread out his supplies ready to entertain himself until he had to leave. I was prepared to be bored for the next 45 minutes. These school musicals often resemble torture for the audience. No one can see. There are either other parents heads blocking the view or parents hold their phones and cameras over their heads to record the entire thing. The walls are lined with parents who didn’t show up an hour early to save seats. Even they can’t see because that’s where the serious photographers set up their extensive equipment as if the footage they get will one day become a major motion picture.

I was actually very impressed. The whole thing was very entertaining. The songs were really cute and moved the story along. There were little speaking parts between songs but they were more a set up of the next song. Like I said, the songs moved things along.


Gavin was an adorable colonist. He wore a pirate hat and pirate vest from past Halloween costumes. His white shirt is brand new bought specifically for the performance. He wore his church pants and church shoes with Heath’s white gym socks pulled up over his pants.

Fridays are spirit days where the kids are encouraged to wear school t-shirts. Once a month the school has Flag Salute. This is where the students sit outside for an assembly of sorts. I’m not sure what exactly happens at these flag salutes but there is always a theme. Friday’s Flag Salute was Era Day. The kids dressed in clothes representing their favorite era. Gavin was very excited he didn’t have to change his clothes after his performance. He could represent the colonial era. Works for me!

It was a fun morning. I forgot my camera but had my phone with me. I also forgot to check in at the office first. Nobody caught me.

What would you do with a pot of gold?


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Gwen gets homework for the month. She has to write a total of five stories and do sixteen homework activities. The activities are usually very simple. Today she zipped up a jacket ten times. She also answered a question.

Tell someone what you would do with a pot of gold.

Gwen: I would hide it under my bed so no leprechauns can find it.
Me: Ok, and what would you do with the gold?
Gwen: I would check and see if it was chocolate. Or cookies!

I thought that was a great answer! If on a leisurely stroll you happened to stumble across the end of a rainbow and found the pot of gold, what would you do with it?

Say What


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Gwen: What does pathetic mean?
Me hoping for context clues: Uh … um … use it in a sentence.
Gwen: Dad is REALLY pathetic!
I start laughing.
Gwen: Can it be in any sentence?

Parker: You know how the music comes from the bathroom?
Me: Yes they keep the radio in the bathroom!
Parker: No! You can hear the music in there!
Me: Yeah because they keep the radio in the bathroom!
The teasing goes on for a minute.
Parker: Well this bathroom doesn’t have it. I couldn’t hear any music in there.
Me: This restaurant must keep the radio somewhere else.
Parker: You should go to the bathroom more often!

Gavin: Where should I put these socks?
Heath: In the laundry basket … your laundry basket.
Gavin: You don’t like smelly socks in your room?

Heath: I heard you were really rocking it in your musical performance today. I heard the other kids were boogying to songs but you were like a statue.
Gavin: Well I couldn’t do the worm because there were too many people in the way.
Me: Yeah ‘cause that’s why you weren’t dancing. You were on the top riser in between a bunch of other kids!
Heath: I bet you do your best dance moves when no one is looking.

Parker: How do all these kids know me? Everyone knows my name and I don’t even know theirs. Am I in the school newspaper or something? There is a school newspaper you know.


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