Family Randomness


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Parker: Why are you asking me all these questions?
Me: I’m just trying to find out where you are in life.
Parker: I’m in 5th grade!

Parker: Sit over here.
Heath: No, I want to sit next to Mom. We love each other.
Parker: That was yesterday!
Me: Oh, so we can only love each other once a year?

Gwen’s class had their Valentine exchange and party today. Her teacher will not be at school tomorrow. So of course my kitchen table is full of wrappers and Valentine cards. Her teacher gave everyone a coupon for a free personal pizza from Round Table. Make spaghetti at home or let someone else make us pizza? It wasn’t a long debate. Any excuse to go out! We saw another kid from Gwen’s class there. I love that Mrs. O essentially gave the gift of dinner to her students.

Last night Gavin went to his first dance. We talked him into it. Then about an hour before he was going to leave I started getting a bunch of texts from the deacon’s quorum. How they got my number I have no idea! They were all asking each other who was going and if they were bringing the cookies the young men were assigned to bring.

The texts were kind of cute in a way. It was as if all these young boys were psyching each other up for the experience. I can only imagine how the young women were preparing for the special evening. Probably with lots of fashion tips, makeup, and hairspray. Not to mention all the giggles and blushing over boys. The boys were only brave enough to say, “Hey, who’s going tonight? And are you bringing food?” So caveman-esque. Men go to dance if food there.

I told Gavin he didn’t have to ask any girls to dance. I expected him to go and hang out with his friends having a good time. B-u-u-u-u-t … if a girl asked him to dance he better be a gentleman and dance with her. Unfortunately he is a 12 year old boy. The most we got out of him after the dance was that he had fun and yes he danced with a couple girls. No names, but he did say he danced fast and slow songs. That will have to satisfy for now I guess.

Heath was gone for a very long time taking Gavin to the dance. I texted him to see if he was just chilling in the parking lot until the dance was over. That seemed like a strange thing for a father to do for his first born son! A couple minutes later Heath walked in the door with a six pack of Diet Coke bottles and some other odds and ends from Target. I love that man!

He knew I was bummed about my shopping experience at the grocery store. And he loved my small gesture of love that I did get. I bought a big Valentine heart of chocolate. We ate it all after the kids went to bed. Best anniversary ever!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am so excited. I get the weekend off since we are having Stake Conference. So fabulous! And everyone gets Monday off. Yay! Then I get Parker all to myself while the 5th graders go to Outdoor Ed. People may judge me all they want for not sending my kids but you know what, I love having them home for a special week.

I asked Heath what he thought would happen when Gwen was old enough for Outdoor Ed. He immediately said she is the one kid he definitely doesn’t want going! Memories of girl drama from Diabetic Camp came to mind and I kind of agreed with him. We will still give her the choice, same as the boys. It will be interesting to see what she chooses. She is a lot more influenced by her peers.

It’s funny how Parker was so certain he wanted to stay home. For two years he has been planning on staying home. Then after all the brainwashing, I mean assemblies, about Outdoor Ed he suddenly said he wanted to go. This was well after I had asked him for his final decision before letting his teacher know. If he had said he wanted to go then I would have agreed to it. Parker is not Gavin. But to wait as long as he did after I already told his teacher we weren’t participating, I had to put my foot down. No Outdoor Ed. You can’t drink the punch late and change your mind!

There is no point to any of these stories. This is just a glimpse at my everyday life. I love it.

Honoring the one percenters who change everything


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[I]n our democracy, 1% of the people take nearly a quarter of the nation’s income … In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1% control 40% … [as a result] the top 1% have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, but there is one thing that money doesn’t seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up with how the other 99% live. Throughout history, this is something that the top 1% eventually do learn. Too late. (^
Joseph Stiglitz (May 2011). “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%”. Vanity Fair.)

Three cheers for the one percenters who don’t even live in my neighborhood! There are now four way stop signs at the top of the Road to Nowhere. On the plus side, residents are no longer taking their lives into their own hands by driving down the street. Park patrons now are required by law to stop before leaving the park and turning onto the Road to Nowhere.

Unfortunately, residents have to stop. Every single time, regardless of other motorists. In fact, most of the time residents travel along this street there is no “cross traffic.” It is the exception, and not the rule, to see pedestrians in the crosswalk, or cars attempting to cross the Road to Nowhere.

Yet our fine city has painted the blacktop with warnings of impending stop signs. Sandwich boards litter the area with warnings of traffic control changes up ahead. Today I stopped at a stop sign on my own street eight times. There were no other cars. Ever.

I’m so glad I can suffer for the stupidity of the 1% who travel my neighborhood. The 1% who can’t read or comprehend huge yellow signs stating that cross traffic does not stop. The 1% who believe the crosswalk is a stop bar. The 1% who create a backlog of traffic during the fall and spring. It’s not that many months out of the year that sports attract traffic. Even then, it’s mostly on weekends. Residents now get to stop all day, every day, sports traffic or not.

I know I’m being whiny. What’s a stop sign? Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It’s just annoying to have to stop while going in and out of my neighborhood when I never had to before. All because of the 1% who don’t even live here.

As I was trying to get used to having to stop for no one, I went to the store. Everything there has changed too! All of the small fridges next to the registers have been taken out. I did find one but it was completely out of Diet Coke bottles. Who are the 1% of shoppers so opposed to fridges full of bottled soda that they have been taken out?

What am I supposed to do while I wait for the Halloween parade to start? Walk further to the gas station for bottled goodness? A better question is what am I going to do to celebrate my happy anniversary? I could have bought a six pack of smaller bottles. All I really wanted was two cold ones from the fridge. Looks like 15 years of married bliss will come with canned Diet Coke and hot dogs for dinner, baby! At least we went out for dinner last night.

Change of Plans


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When the groundhog graced everyone with his presence, he did not see his shadow. Supposedly this means we get an early spring. Does anyone else think that’s weird? If the sun is up and it’s a beautiful day, the groundhog is afraid of his shadow and hides for another six weeks of winter. If it’s another depressingly cloudy day, the groundhog is all smiles. Early spring! Whatever.

Spring comes early around here regardless of some silly oversized rodent in Pennsylvania. Gwen was freaking out when I pointed out the blossoms on the trees near school. What she doesn’t remember is we see those same trees burst with white blossoms every year at the end of January. I bought Parker some Claritin and started praying to the histamine gods to be kind to my boy.

I do worry that these gorgeously sunny and warm days are here to stay. El Nino has fulfilled every promise of a wet winter. Only California is not ready to be done with rain yet. The drought is still on. Since there isn’t much I can do to convince Mother Nature to keep the rain coming, we pulled down the shorts and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Maybe I won’t have to buy Gavin new pants after all!

The kids get a random holiday every February. We never have figured out what it’s for. This year Gavin’s vote was for a Super Bowl recovery day! That kid is funny! Gwen’s vote is for Chinese New Year. I don’t know. For some dumb reason they get two Mondays off in a row every year and the schools call both a holiday.

With wonderful weather calling us outside, I planned on taking my kids to a park for this random day off. Gwen is always begging to go to “The Zippy Park” in a neighboring city. Highs in the mid 70’s. It was going to be perfect.

Parker was annoyed that I had the audacity to plan ahead! He wanted another playdate with Paul. Good luck smiled on us and Paul’s mom emailed me this morning asking if she could pick Parker up for a playdate this afternoon. Parker could not be more excited. I hoped the G’s would enjoy the park without their brother.

I was a great mom and made camel eye toast for breakfast. Parker hated it. I wasn’t surprised. He always hates it. I was hoping that enough time had passed that maybe he would forget. I think he was the one who tossed most of his in the trash. Small sacrifices to be a cool mom to the other two.

Then while I was running in place in my room, Parker was complaining he didn’t feel well. He read my mind and hopped in the shower. It didn’t help. When I finished and was wondering if my legs might explode or if I should just pray for death, Parker said his stomach really hurt. He was deathly pale. He sipped water while I chugged it. Eventually he found his way into the bathroom to well, you know.

This was not the day I had planned.

I texted Julie to cancel the playdate. I felt so guilty about it. I kept thinking maybe Parker was just disgusted by breakfast. He really does hate fried eggs. I didn’t figure Julie would want a kid who just puked at her house. But couldn’t I just bring Parker along to the park? He could nap on a blanket.

When I got out of the shower Gwen was knocking on the door saying Parker needed me. Yep, the kid was definitely sick. Even his legs were an odd sickly pale color. My sister used to look like that when she was sick. The park was out of the question. Ugh.

Parker has tried to nibble on Saltines while sipping lemon lime soda from the Sodastream. His stomach refuses to cooperate. I guess it was our turn to entertain the stomach flu that has been going through the families at church. Thanks for sharing friends!

Gavin is out running while Gwen rides her scooter with him. At least they get to enjoy the awesome day. Meanwhile I am grounded with Sir Pukes a Lot. Poor kid. I hope he gets better soon because we have a lot of fun things planned.

This is the last four day week before Outdoor Ed. Everyone, including Heath, gets next Monday off. Then Parker gets to chill at home with me all week. We are both very excited and have big plans. Then on Friday we will go on an overnight trip. The next day we are going to Disney on Ice for Gwen’s birthday. A week or so later Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit. Get better quick kid!

And the kitchen trembled …


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The inevitabilities of life are death, taxes, and growing children.

Gavin is going through another growth spurt. I saw him the other day and accused him of wearing Parker’s jeans since there was a good two inches of ankle showing. He claimed he found the pants in his drawer. Sometimes I have the kids fold laundry and they have a tendency to forget which clothes are theirs. I don’t know how.

I told Gavin that if the pants said any number smaller than 16 they weren’t his. Apparently they were the size 14 pair I bought a while ago that have stayed useful until now. They are too big for Parker and too small for Gavin so they are out of the rotation in the top of the closet.

What am I supposed to do when Gavin gets too tall for his size 16 pants? One pair is already threatening to show the socks above Gavin’s shoes while he’s standing. I had to dig for those pants when I bought them. The boys section only goes up to a size 16 and of the precious few pair they carry in that size, most of them are Husky. Gavin is anything but husky.

That’s the problem with trying to buy him pants in the men’s section. I don’t think they make pants small enough for Gavin’s tiny waist. And you know they definitely don’t have adjustable waist pants in the men’s section! I wish they did that for women’s pants. I have a pair that fit great everywhere except my waist. I’m constantly hiking them up and inadvertently showing the fact that I do not have a tramp stamp.

While Gavin gets as much use as he can out of his pants that are shrinking before my eyes, he is eating me out of house and home. Just before school resumed for the new year I put in $60 on his school lunch account. Last week I got the low balance notification.

Middle school offers extras at lunch for an extra price. We got after Gavin last year for spending all the money so quickly on extras. He was told to buy a basic lunch and be happy with it. It’s hard to remember not to spend Mom and Dad’s money on overpriced snacks at school when he’s starving.

He comes home from school and eats nonstop until dinner. Then he devours dinner, licks his plate, and attacks the cupboard again until bedtime. I am not kidding. You would think he was some homeless street urchin who has never seen a square meal.

Gwen claimed that Gavin had two packages of fruit snacks when he got home from school and was working on another set after dinner. Fruit snacks were one of those extras he would buy at school for a pretty penny.

Me: Stop eating fruit snacks! We need to go to Costco and we are out of lots of snacks but stop eating fruit snacks!
Heath: They keep your mother alive.

I’m not as concerned about low blood sugar as just watching four or more packages disappear into Gavin’s hollow leg each day. The rule is one package per day per kid. Yes, we ration our food!

Heath gets tired of seeing wrappers all over the kitchen so he has declared a no snack rule. I get tired of the kids filling up on garbage … er snacks. So I’m fine with the no snack rule. The rule is observed by our growing children as a nice wish. Years ago Heath said that if it weren’t for me needing snacks to treat lows we wouldn’t have them in our house.

After Scouts Gavin came home and pulled out the Saltines again. He was rattling the wrapper in my ear before Scouts. I had to freak out. Stop eating! Wisely, I explained that snacks don’t really curb hunger. They’re more like candy. Fun to eat but only provide empty calories. I like the snacks for the quick carb count to raise my blood sugar when needed.

If he is that hungry he needs to eat real food like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So he did. My counters are sticky and he almost got into the peanut butter jar bought specifically for cookies. But he finally stopped eating and went to bed. A few hours later he was up again and the kitchen trembled.

I’ve Learned

  • The best way to chase away a bad mood is to clean. The kids rooms look awesome!
  • Safety Sal can be pretty intimidating, especially for our first false alarm.
  • It is easy to forget that the alarm was set.
  • When a door opens while the alarm is set it sounds like a really upset car alarm.
  • Even though we put in the code to cancel the alarm, enough time must have passed that I also got a text message and email alerting me that Vivint was trying to reach me.
  • For some reason none of this happened the one day we forgot to disarm the alarm after grocery shopping while the kids stayed home watching TV. I put in the code and Safety Sal was happy.
  • A concerned man’s voice came through the security system screen asking if everything was okay.
  • I had to give my name (first and last) but since he could see that we put in the code I didn’t have to give the password. He logged the event as a false alarm.
  • Heath got no email or text alert. I thought I was number two on the contact list!
  • I’m just glad I stayed home to finish loading the dishwasher. We may have come home to cops surrounding the place.
  • It takes a large police presence to do anything around here. Two separate police cars stopped pretty much in the middle of the road to deal with a driver who pulled over on the side of the road behind the school this afternoon. She didn’t look any different from any other parent parked back there to pick up kids.
  • As we drove through the neighborhood there was a third cop car heading toward his buddies. What a wild traffic stop!
  • The lady should go home and clean.
  • Having a clean house releases endorphins.
  • It brightened my day.

Court of Honor



Seven merit badges, two rank advancements, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I couldn’t help feeling wickedly proud of Gavin for having the longest list of achievements of all the boys in the Stake. What people didn’t realize is that he missed the last Court of Honor because he was running a Cross Country race that day. Gavin’s leaders didn’t specify so it was our little secret. I kind of like that people think my kid can blow their kid out of the water with Scout achievements!

Happily Ever After

These three words are often found at the end of stories. After so much conflict, hard work, and perseverance, the characters triumph and live happily ever after.

Then what?

Is that it? Dreams come true and then the world ends? Given the number of people who have lived and died on this planet we call Earth, life obviously goes on. It’s easy to get caught up in the words happily ever after. On the one hand it’s beautiful. The prince and princess fought off the evils of the world and lived happily ever after. *sigh* On the other hand it’s not reality. The story may end there but life doesn’t.

So what do you do when you have it all?

I like watching HGTV. It’s fun. Everyone on that channel is after the same thing. Home ownership. Not only that but many of them want their dream home. The whole process wraps up in 30-60 minutes. Even with all that heavy editing it is still obvious that hard work is involved.

Recently it hit me. What happens to these people after they finally have it all? They live happily ever after. For a time. At least until a new dream develops. Then they start over.

With every new dream a new story begins. Which means that people can have multiple happily ever afters in a lifetime. I once heard someone say that happy endings depend on where the story stops. I like that. My blog seems to illustrate that point. Most posts are written as I am in the middle of another life story. It may take several posts to find the happy ending. Or, like television, the story wraps up by the end of the post.

I think of my own happily ever afters. Going to college, becoming a teacher, getting married. That was a big one! After the happily ever after of our wedding our new dream became children. Each child was a journey and then having all three little ones pitter pattering around became its own story.

Back to the HGTV idea, the house we live in has been its own journey beginning with the happily ever after of finding the house and being able to move in. I love sitting at my awesome desk, that I helped build, and realizing how many transitions our home has gone through in the time we have lived here. It’s so cool.

At the end of every project I sit back and sigh contentedly. Can life get any better than this, I wonder. This has to be the end all be all to human existence! Until the next dream develops. One of us thinks outside the box and we stumble on a new idea. It becomes a project with a happy ending waiting at the finish line.

I love that about life. It’s human nature to want to improve. There is always something to improve. Though we may think otherwise, I believe it’s human nature to enjoy working to improve. It’s a process that is satisfying. As long as there are problems to solve and dreams to be realized, there will always be another happily ever after. Here’s to your next triumph!

A Snow No Show Day


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The East Coast has been pounded with snow. The storm has been lovingly referred to as Blizzard 2016. This storm has been anticipated to the point that TV commercials have been advertising their shows as a great way to pass the time during Blizzard 2016. Ironically the school designated Friday, January 22, 2016 as Snow Day. It’s been planned for months.

Not a real snow day. We don’t get snow where we live. The school has Flag Salutes once a month with a dress up theme. Friday’s theme was Snow Day. What do you wear for Snow Day when a cold winter day has highs in the mid-40’s? Heavy parkas around here are usually only worn for skiing trips hours away in the mountains.

I do think the timing of this particular Flag Salute was great. An entire student body was given the opportunity to dress like their compatriots on the opposite coast. We can’t pretend to know what you East Coasters are going through but for one day we dressed like you and felt like we were cool beans!

Here is Gwen decked out to the nines as if she is heading toward a major winter storm. I didn’t wear that much snow gear growing up and it snowed approximately six months out of the year! She could not be more proud of herself either.

I didn’t get a picture of Parker. He was more subtle with his school spirit. He’s like me. Not interested in dressing up for school because it’s weird. I always felt sick to my stomach on those days. What if I was mixed up and got the day wrong? Parker feels the same way. His compromise was to wear a long sleeved t-shirt with graphics of “Big Foot vs. Yeti.” It’s a fun shirt that fit the theme while not making him feel like he stood out in any way.

No snow on Friday. We did get rain off and on all day. It’s been the best El Nino winter ever! We have had so much rain I question whether or not our gazebo carpet will ever fully dry out.

Movie Marathons never feel as good as Binge Reading


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Me: I need to finish my book now. It’s at the exciting part!
My kids gave me quizzical looks.
Me: I had to leave to tutor before I could finish! And it’s the really good part!
Parker: Then go finish your book!

They mostly left me alone while I read the gripping conclusion of Messenger by Lois Lowry. Getting to the end only made me want to read the last book in the four book series that much more. Especially when I turned the page on my Kindle and saw the invitation to read the beginning of the next book. So I opened up Son on my Kindle and settled in for more.

Gwen: Did you finish the good part yet?
Me: Yeah …
Gwen: Are you finished?
Me: Yeah but I’ve started another book.
Gwen: How many books do you need to read in a day?
Me: A book and a half I guess.
Gwen in a stern parent voice: Mo-o-om. Tell the truth.
Me: I’m not lying. I read one book today and now I’ve started another.

She seemed upset by that but couldn’t think of a way to argue since reading is not a bad thing. She tried. She stood there for a couple seconds with the wheels in her mind visibly turning. When nothing came she walked away.

I don’t know that I have ever binge read as much as I have this week. I can’t stop talking about what I have read either. On Wednesday I was so impassioned by my own thoughts I was sharing with Parker that I ended up taking a thyroid pill after dinner instead of a cholesterol pill. I have never accidentally taken two thyroid pills in one day before! The next morning I decided to skip that day’s dose.

When I finished The Giver on Tuesday for the second time I tried to find the movie again. Netflix still didn’t have it. I checked Amazon on my TV and found it for $9.99. Heath happily agreed that I should buy the digital copy. I hated every second of it. He laughed while I kept complaining. Worst movie adaptation of a book I have ever watched. There’s ten bucks down the drain.

When Parker found out how annoyed I was with the movie he said, “I could have told you that!” Apparently even the elementary school grapevine has had unfavorable reviews of the movie. I didn’t know. So then I was mad at myself for buying it after the kids went to bed. Could have saved myself some time and money.

The Giver Quartet books were so good though. The Giver is a fascinating stand alone story. I think even Lois Lowry intended it to be that way. But after so much buzz about her book and the awards, I guess she decided to continue the story. Normally I’m a one and done kind of person. I don’t think it’s necessary to have sequels or trilogies, much less a four book series to tell a story. I have to give her credit though. She did a great job. The stories seem loosely tied together until they all come together in the last book.

There are three dystopian societies between the four books. They are so different you would almost think they are three different worlds. Yet they are in surprisingly close proximity to one another. I like how The Giver community seems like a good idea at first. A little off but you could see where people were going with the sterile environment. I like how in the beginning Lowry sort of lulls you into thinking this is a well planned out community and that it’s a good idea. She slowly reveals the flaws and you root for Jonas to leave. Get away from the cult!

Gathering Blue’s community felt like a completely different time period. I hated the village they lived in. Of course there is the Field where the lowest of the low live in squalor. But even in the “nice” part of the village there was poverty and all the negativity that comes from it. The abuse, the poverty, the imbalance of power, the secrets, I hated all of it. That was kind of a dark story. I kept reading to figure it all out. Things seemed connected and I had to figure out what was going on.

Messenger delved into the magical powers more. That was interesting. Until that point I could almost see these places as real possibilities. The magical powers or gift part of the story gave it a fairy tale quality. In Son you read about yet another village/community. It’s antiquated and simple much like the villages in Gathering Blue.

There was a second village in Gathering Blue made up of misfits and outcasts. For a long time it was almost a utopian society. All were welcome and celebrated for their differences. But all good stories must have conflict so opposition entered in, threatening everything good. That’s what I liked about these different societies. They were all created with a utopian intent. Those good intentions corrupted quickly.

Sameness doesn’t work. Even celebrating the broken can lead to elitism. Herbs don’t heal. They only mask the pain. Education is important but so are colors and emotions. Family is important. People should have choices! The way people were assigned to jobs in the first community seems so dictatorial. Who does that? Um, my community does. Sort of.

I just read a disturbing article about a STEAM preschool in my community that was recently opened. It seems like a lovely idea. Teach math and science at an early age. But at what cost? The article made it clear that these kids are on the fast track toward their future careers. The thought process is that they need to learn these important skills as early as possible to prepare for the competitive job market. They’re in preschool! I thought assigning careers at 12 was young. This is essentially the same thing! The drive to succeed can get a little ridiculous. Where are the choices?

I love that I have a friend who went to a trade school and not college. She didn’t think college was for her. And it wasn’t. It doesn’t have to be for everyone. She became a licensed massage therapist. I know a lot of people that would be happy to benefit from her skillset.

My problem with the STEAM preschool is the fact that parents are paying $1300 a month (I am not making that up) for someone else to teach their children. The kids are learning measurement and fractions by cooking, there are fun and exciting lessons in science and history. Great. Why can’t they do that at home? That’s what my kids did. But then again I don’t believe in preschool.

Obama has spent the last eight years trying to get kids out of the home so mothers are freed up to work outside the home. As if motherhood is not important. Why would it be when you can pay someone else to nurture your children? The shallow, duty driven community of The Giver comes to mind. There were no parents there.

Birthmothers were appointed. They were artificially inseminated to carry “products.” They weren’t even allowed to see the babies born. People applied for spouses then later applied for children. While “families” ate meals together and talked with each other everyone had their own jobs that had nothing to do with each other. Parents worked. Children went to school and volunteered to gain experience for when they were assigned their jobs at the age of 12.

Parents never sacrificed for their children. They never served their children. Meals were delivered by a meal service and taken care of by a cleanup crew. The mundane tasks of life were done by several different jobs. Therefore there was no love. Forget about the pills they all took to curb emotion. Love never had a chance. The closest anyone got to love were those in the various nurturing centers for babies, small children, and the aged. Those workers served others in a way that could lead to love. Though I would bet the duty of it all kept the emotion out of most of it. I believe nannies can love the children they care for but never as much, or in the same way as the real parents. I’m sorry, but if you want to be a parent sacrifice some time for those people you created.

I guess the world I live in isn’t much better than the dystopian societies I have read about this week. Children are often created in Petri dishes and their hours are completely filled with adults who are not their parents. School, sports, arts, etc. Again, why do people want babies so badly if they want someone else to raise those babies?

I think what I love most about dystopian fiction is feeling so passionate about the flaws. It reminds me of what is important to me. The last book ended happily enough but with that sense of wonder. Where does the story go from here? I want to believe that a new society was created. Maybe not that as much as the characters took their collective experiences of what works and doesn’t work and created more of a utopia. I’m sure they appreciated their blessings more.

Don’t we all after our most challenging moments? We yearn for something better then appreciate what we have. There may be many happily ever after moments in life as we continue to better our circumstances. Where does your story go from here?

Silver Lining


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Cheap sounding chimes are coming through on my phone. Must change the sounds. AT&T is texting me survey questions.

“TRISTAN, thanks for meeting with meeting with Megan at our AT&T store for your mobile servicing. Blah blah blah”

I met with no one at any store. I mourned the loss of my phone by staying home watching Psych on Netflix. Heath was grateful to not have an entourage following behind him while he drooled over new phones for himself. Let’s face it, Ubi’s death was convenient good news.

I don’t even know what happened. I was just sitting there texting my mom. I replied and hit the button to turn off the screen. Maybe I held it too long because the screen said “Slide down to power off.” I didn’t want to power off! I slid up instead of down and things seemed to go back to normal. I pushed the button to turn off the screen but the text conversation still glowed on screen.

“Fine! I’ll let the screen turn itself off!” And I pushed the phone further up my lap before turning my attention back to the TV. My phone buzzed and I thought it was my mom texting back. No, the Nokia screen was up as if my phone had been powered off and was restarting. Weird.

Every couple seconds the phone would buzz and show the Nokia screen but nothing ever restarted. It wouldn’t turn on. Heath tried to work his magic. Nothing. He couldn’t get it to respond to a hard restart – when you push the power button and volume button at the same time. He took the battery out and back in. Nothing.

Ubi was dead.

Heath texted my mom that my phone was dead and suggested she call us to finish the conversation. After dinner Heath took my soulless phone to the mall. He had my Sim card transferred to his phone and hooked himself up with a new phone. I’m not surprised.

I shouldn’t tell this story out loud because it reflects poorly on him. But when I got my old phone (the one that just died), I gave him a hard time about always giving me his sloppy seconds while he gets the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. Of course then I teased him about the ridiculous Fablet he used to have. Gavin and I got the same phone that day while Heath got a prettier phone. A month later Heath admitted that my phone does quirky things like not rotating the screen correctly because it’s a cheap phone. Huh.

He “claims” I got his old phone because I wasn’t ready for a Windows 10 phone yet. He thought I would hate it. Which is probably true but not the point! Oh well. I blame him for making me dependent on a phone. It’s all his fault. Parker thought it was weird that his dad had to immediately fix my dead phone situation. But then he thought out loud.

“Oh yeah, you always get texts from Primary and you need to hear from Gavin …”

Yep. There are times when I silence my phone because it’s easier to ignore buzzing vibrations versus pinging incoming text messages. Yet I can’t live without it. I need the alarms, the time, and the peace of mind that comes with having it right there just in case. At least the camera is supposedly better in the phone I inherited.


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